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  1. Redbridge has a manned carpark, almost at the bottom of M11.
  2. I agree mate, we were quiet last night. Blackpool fans totally out sung us. They did do their team proud.
  3. He wasn''t in the game at all, a complete waste of space. Preston fans called him "A Tower of Apathy" I wonder why??
  4. [quote user="greenTshirt"] was an obvious move to me - we were one nil down - put up three strikers plus dublin and put Hughes to left back where we know he can do a job. Have no problem with it. The subsitution which got me was Doherty coming on - a disaster waiting to happen if ever there was one. Thankfully I think he only got a couple of touches. [/quote] Agreed  greenT, Donkerty always scares me, he''s an accident waiting to happen.
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