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  1. Jewell or not, unless a new manager comes in quickly, Norwich could well find themselves in an irretrievable position. It’s obvious Duffer being in charge is going to achieve precisely nothing, & now he & Grunt have taken the club to the bottom of the Championship a change has to come fast.   Or, in 8 days time, I can foresee the Binmen fans in the South Stand chanting ‘Duffer must stay!’ as another humiliating home defeat looms…
  2. 4-0 to WBA, & post-match excuses from Duffer about the referee.
  3. IMO Duffer should never have been appointed caretaker in the first place. His record up here doesn''t suggest he''s the man to take NCFC forward.
  4. Martin Allen seems a good shout, or Paul Ince, either with maybe Malky or Iwan as a number 2?
  5. Spurs are in a not dissimilar position in the Premiership to NCFC in the Championship. It’s interesting to note the fight in their players, & their support for their manager, as opposed to the lack of fight the Canaries’ team are currently showing, & I don’t believe any Norwich players have spoken out on Grunt’s behalf, in fact Hucks has talked about the current side being the weakest he’s played in. Grunt shouldn’t be considering his position, his employment should be terminated now, before he does irreparable damage to the club. His appointment was a bad business decision which initially misfired & is now backfiring dangerously.
  6. NCFC 3rd from bottom of the Championship now. Resign Grunt. Although I expect  another spiel about working 24/7, maximum effort etc, in an effort to hide his blatant shortcomings as a manager.   How did the board of directors make this man a ‘unanimous’ choice for the job in the first place?  [8o|]
  7. One year on from Worthington’s departure, & the brave new dawn of Peter Grunt finds NCFC in a worse league position than this time last year. How much longer can the most inept manager in the Championship hold on to his job? The club isn’t too big for Div 1, just ask Forest & Leeds. [:''(]
  8. My location prevents me attending CR much these days, but imho the support should turn out for the Sheff Wed match (the season ticketers have already paid anyway), boycott the matchday facilities (as in the ‘Chase Out’ days of 1995/6), & shout it loud for the Sky cameras. ‘Grant Out! Grant Out!’ [:P]
  9. 19th in the table.   4 defeats in the last 5 league matches.   Lowest scorers bar one in the division, despite having last season’s top scorer in the same league.   1 goal in 4 away league matches.   Penalties to defeat Rochdale in the League Cup.   A manager appointed as he was (a) cheap & (b) obedient.   An assistant manager who had been out of the game for months & was reduced to a part-time tv pundit role with BBC Scotland.   Better players (e.g. Earnshaw, Etuhu) jumping ship at the first possible opportunity.   Watching Ipswich earlier this evening on Sky just brings it home how rubbish Norwich currently are.   Cut the crap. Get Grant & Duffy out now, before the club is humiliated on Sky v Sheffield Wednesday next weekend. Almost a year now since the 1-4 Burnley debacle which ultimately cost Worthington his job, & things are worse now as NCFC trail in the slipstream of Blackpool & Scunthorpe. Grant won’t go – he’s under the impression he’s doing well. Promotion challenge? You’re having a laugh Grunt…
  10. Last 12 league matches – W2 D3 L7 – if Curbishley gets the sack at West Ham maybe NCFC could ask the Hammers if they’d like Grunt back? (hopefully they’ve forgotten the fact that they couldn’t get shot of him quickly enough!).
  11. With 5 goals in 2 outings for Leyton Orient, imo this guy’s far more likely to score goals for NCFC than Chris Brown or Peter Thorne currently are…or is Grunt using his judgement & foresight & getting him prepared just now for life in Division 1 with the Canaries next season?
  12. Grunt & Duffer are taking Norwich down to Div 1. No danger.
  13. Grant strikes me as being a puppet for Delia Smith’s regime in the same way that Gary Megson was a mouthpiece for Robert Chase’s. Grant’s managed to take Norwich to their lowest league position in 40 years, & supporters excusing him by laying the blame at Worthington’s door & saying they’re his signings doesn’t hold – Grant’s had these players for 3 months & there’s no improvement at all. Going down, going down, going down…
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