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  1. [quote user="we8wba"] hennessey is being chased by everton bolton n fulham for 4m i have no problems with the youngster who has excelled from youth not costing 1m or what ever marshall did. 12months ago hennessey hadnt played a professional game and hadnt for us till playoff semis   [/quote]   shut up!!
  2. May i remind you that you were not to gloat!!???!? you really are a bloody tosser!!! its ok though, it reminds me why i hate wolves its idiots like you that support them...!! ok your keeper was crap, marshall has made one mistake and that was not even close to being as bad as ur jumped up little goalkeepers..!! our defence is getting more solid by the match actually... hows your away points tally coming along??!? nicely?!?!??? i hope your holiday was crap and i hope your boys get, err nowhere near the playoffs!!!! why dont u get lost and go get your sorry little self on a wolves forum???   WE ONLY HATE WOLVES AND IPSWICH!!!!!
  3. i sit in there every game, and althought the atmosphere is getting better (since the corner infill mainly) it is awful... but these older poeple you talk about need to sit somewhere, they are norwich till i die also!! however, sometimes i stand up, sing and cheer in this stand and i do get annoyed when some people look at me as if im stupid for cheering or chanting!!! its the way it is and i doubt it will change!!!
  4. arsenal have a few creative youngsters...... gibbs would be awesome, needs a loan too.... David Bentley style!!!
  5. We signed Davenport on loan for three months, but thats it....!!! and he had skill but never always switched on.... Taylor is good, good int he air and on the floor........ i''m starting to feel a little bit of pulling together by the fans on here in the last couple of days...!!! its good...... we all need to pull in the same direction now!!        YELLOWS!!
  6. so then, are we all gonna be loud and proud on sunday.... noisy carrow road... lifting the players and the squad by backing them for 90 minutes long...?!? we need to be...... KICK IT OFF!!!!!
  7. Like a few people on this post i too watch and look alot at the comments, and i have been disgusted that some people call themselves supporters of the club.... SUPPORTERS?? dont that mean come 3pm on a saturday or 1200 on a sunday in this case (thanks to SKY, as Andy says and the local police) we get behind the boys rally the troops and stop our club getting relegated by making Carrow Road a wall of noise, like the good old days!!!  Ok we might not save them, but why not help out........   GREAT POST ANDY.......... all together now........................ FLYING HIGH UP IN THE SKY, I WILL KEEP THE GREEN FLAG FLYING HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8.     I just heard dion saying on five live that he is looking to sort out another year at Norwich within next few days...!! good news??  i hope so!!
  9.     hay i have already messaged bywater my "goodluck" haha!! he really is a filthy cheat!!
  10. the club is able to build extensions on both stands (city stand and the jarrold) it made an announcement regarding this back just after the jarrold was built i remember... but the problem with the city stand i also remember is that carrow road is owned by the council and would require them purchasing the land the extend the stand onto the road...
  11. Just seen stockport lost 7-2 at home to Rochdale...!!!!  he was not playing tho was the wolves keeper hennesey... bet lewis looking forward to playing with that defence, seems there 9 games without conceading a goal is well and truely past them... thats 10 goals in two games i think!!!!
  12. why do people not give the guy a chance?? im sorry but we have a striker at the club who scores a goal every other game (if not more) a new striker that can partner him up front is a good buy.... a one in 3 ratio it basically works out!!! id say if this form continues we would have two strikers that between now and april will score 15 goals between them?! so over a full season it would work out 15 for brown and 23 for earnie !! 38 goals from a front pair is potentially a very good partnership..... so for you idiots who keep putting stupid stats up all day long think about it... GIVE THE GUY A CHANCE AND WELCOME HIM TO CARROW ROAD!!!!
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