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  1. The numbers never lie. We are on relegation form. We have given this manager a lot longer than most other clubs ever would. What else are we waiting for?! Our board and CEO had one lucky stroke. They seem to be experts at making soft appointments and paying compensation! Enough already, it has to stop now. Pulis in. Why not ask the question?!
  2. I have stayed quiet all season, watched every game and monitored everyone’s opinions but ENOUGH is ENOUGH. My memories of Hughton: Selling Grant Holt His forward line signings not having any impact Most strikers seem to have a goal draught under him Bassong has been full of errors We can’t score more than one goal – basically all season We can’t defend We can’t fight back from going down No spirit, or fight to win back ball Heads drop soon as we concede He doesn’t play the best players – Hoolahan Plays players out of position Rubs fans up the wrong way since all he does is talk up the opposition No fighting talk, no inspiration Cannot make substitutions None of his subs have had a single impact all season (Oh wait, today, fair play Elm) Cannot take advantage of opposition being down to 10 men. Wrong Captain decision Losing 7-0 and keeping his job…. No leaders on pitch All he shouts is: Go on Go on Go on Go on, Get’em out, Get’em out – 500k for that. But forget about all of above, as some of you will surely disagree with some of these points, but the facts are: THE NUMBERS DON’T LIE. Any half decent CEO knows that. McNally is seriously at fault here. The fans have given everyone at the club enough alarm bells all season… Its just so sad to see that this clubs management is so impotent that they wait until its too late or need two poor chaps nerves to break down to a point they have to run on the pitch and make a huge scene, be banned for life, for the greater good of the future of club. Make no doubt, NCFC fans are the best and will continue to support their team, but these performances are just… ENOUGH.
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/22320499 Norwich have conceded more goals from outside the area than any other team in the Premier League this season (13).
  4. Do you really think he is the right manager for us. Have you looked at the stats. I dont know many managers to have kept their job after such a run of games... I just cant believe it and im obviously frustrated. And if i recall correctly, we were free flowing and scoring for fun last season. We arguably have better players this season too. Sadly for us, its over, even if we beat west brom i think we will go down on goal diff now that wigan beat west brom away. Fair play to them, they know how to score and win. I sincerely hope i have egg on my face at the end of the season but many of us could have seen this coming... man city away?! Its been in our hands and we are throwing it away. Sadly, many players that would have been released in the summer (and surely they know it if the fans can tell it), will keep their jobs and not have to uproot if we are relegated. Its all been too obvious this season.
  5. Do you all see why we need Ruddy?! Cant believe he isnt even on the bench. What is going on, management is too cautious. We have three, now two games left!
  6. His return cannon come soon enough!!!!! He is a class above and one of the first players to be bid on if we get relegated. Bunn has been a great "back up keeper" but Ruddy is simply better. I cant wait to see him back in goal and sincerely hope he be allowed to start tomorrow. I think Bunn has had a longer run than he ever expected so dont think it will be too harsh on him allowing Ruddy to have a couple of games before he end of season.
  7. Exactly! I couldn''t agree more. Whilst i truly admire some of our fans commitment to backing our players 110%, I do feel its just one excuse after the other for Howson. He is playing in central midfield, he has had a good run of games... Its not as if he is playing left back or upfront. He is a good player, he just doesn''t have that premiership spark, he will rarely ever score or threaten to score or have an assist for that matter. For example you can tell that Hoolahan, Pilkington or Bradley Johnson have something about their game, I just cant see what it is that Howson provides. Pace, strength, vision, goals (?) and Tettey is def better at winning the ball back albeit due to his physical advantage. This is the Premiership, everyone needs to be Premiership class. Again, its the present that counts and I do feel we can improve this position if we are in the Premiership. Central Mid def needs improvement. I sincerely appreciate Howsons effort, I do think he is a gifted footballer, I just cant see him making it in the Prem. He will be a captain and a great player in the champ. I dont think any other Prem team would want to sign him right now either... and I dont see the point in keeping him in the hope that his confidence, strength or ability will grow?
  8. I do think that Tettey and BJ are stronger defensively and therefore if Howson is also playing he needs to be more offensive, creative or a scoring threat.. and to me he is not premiership quality at present to have that added class. I don''t doubt his work rate and potential for future, but we are not in a position to look to the future, its the present that counts. I think if Tettey and BJ are playing then perhaps an Hoolahan or Bennett would be more creative. Good discussion, just think a lot of people have a lot of excuses for him, like confidence right now... I think he has had a good run of games now and we are lacking in central mid. Perhaps he is just better at home games. Interesting points. Tks
  9. Can someone please just explain to me what he does or provides that is so spectacular he is playing week in week out since we got in to trouble... I think I heard his name twice today in the full 90. Does he score? Does he create? Assist? Does he spread play? Clearly I don''t get it so grateful someone explains what it is that I am too daft or blind to spot. Thank you A
  10. I really enjoy reading this guys blogs on NCFC! Enjoy.. http://blogs.soccernet.com/norwich/archives/2011/08/a_ruddy_good_effort.php
  11. Hi all, if like me, you spend hours on end browsing between the Pink''un, Canaries.co.uk, The Sun Football, Sky Sports etc then I wanted to bring to everyones attention a new NCFC blogger on ESPN which I actually enjoy reading and better yet, is updated regularly! You can follow it here: http://blogs.soccernet.com/norwich/ What do you guys think? I personally like the more independent perspective rather than for example our dear reporter friend at canaries.co.uk (I know some of you think its not fair, but I''m just voicing my opinion, some of his questions really are http://services.pinkun.com/FORUMS/PINKUN/CS/emoticons/emotion-43.gif Cheers
  12. Can someone please clarify why we still have no ASKOU even in the squad? I thought he had been training for a while now and he''s even played full reserve games............?
  13. Without getting too ahead of myself (i clearly am) but given that the administration penalty is 10 points (per Crystal Palace)........ If we are 10 points clear over third place at the end of season (or with a game to go), would it be possible to drop ourselves into administration, clear our debts and still get promotoed?!? Just a thought, it would be a great use of this season in league one!    
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