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  1. No, you are wrong BP. Google it. Plenty of info regarding Covid reinfection not being a thing, and that there is not enough data worldwide to confirm that you can get Covid twice. Ill help you if you are still struggling: https://jim.bmj.com/content/69/6/1253
  2. Sgncfc look it up. I just have again and found this: "A total of 17 cases of genetically confirmed COVID-19 reinfection were found." I suggest that the people you know either had the flu, back then, recently, or whats more likely is that the positive tests are garbage, given that we know the PCR tests are done at 45 cycles, theres a report on a testing centre where there just checking the tests in the bin and sending out 'negative' sms's, and the CDC has just announced the PCR test is rubbish and to be stopped end of this year. Do you honestly believe that the PCR tests are 100% accurate? Even the inventor Kary Mullis said there werent to be used to detect coronaviruses!
  3. Dr Mike Yeadon, former head of Respitory Infections at Pfizer said that any variant is 99.7% identical to the original virus. Therefore the scariant variant issues are nonsensical and purely peddled out by the Govt/Media for fear and to encourage vaccine uptake. And before anyone says he's a quack or whatever, I have listened to all and I can tell you right now that Dr Mike Yeadons opinions are as valid if not more so than liar Boris, liar Hancock, idiot Neil Ferguson, shill Dr Hilary, and the rest of the so called 'experts'. He is anything but anti-vaxx having spent his career and made his money in the vaccine field.
  4. Errrrr, im not talking swahili Greavsy. There is no anaylitical data worldwide on reinfection. That means if you have already had Covid there is effectively zero chance you could get it again, and thus be a spreader.
  5. Based on that theory, I, having had Covid last year, unvaxxed, and going by the zero analytical data worldwide of reinfection, am far safer and of lesser threat to the general public than those that are vaxxed, but yet to have Covid. They could get it and transmit just as easy as the next unvaxxed person. The prior infected, naturally immune with anti-bodies are the most safest and pose the least threat. Of which I am.
  6. I dont believe thats the case. Its been 18 months and still there is no viable date worldwide on reinfection. It is still a handful of people out of 7.8b
  7. Correct Greavsy. There is limited world wide data on reinfection. Look it up. Literally a handful of people have got Covid twice worldwide put of 7.8billion. Not enough to provide a clinical analysis on reinfection.
  8. Whys that then Graham? I take it your aware then that ALL Covid vaccines were granted Emergency Use Authorisation. None are fully approved. Some are still in trials until 2023. All manufacturers are legally immune should you die and the current Vaccine death toll is over 20,000 with 2,000,000 adverse reactions recorded. But no your right, keep getting your info from Dr Hilary, Boris and GMB.
  9. I don't need one Beetehleets. I have already had Covid so I have natural immunity. And your saying I shouldnt be allowed to games because I don't need a vaccine, and for medical reasons I can't have one, and more importantly it's my choice to not want to inject myself with a pharmaceutical drug, recommended by a Govt who has done nothing but lie to the UK public, and an industry that has a history of multi billion dollar fines for bad practices? Welcome to **** Germany.
  10. I think you need to do some research other than BBC News Some of the Covid vaccines are in trials until 2023. I'd call this experimental.
  11. From the Tottenham website.. • Trial follows recent government announcements and the necessity for the Club to begin preparations for the potential of full vaccination against Covid-19 being a condition of entry to large events from 1st October Silence from NCFC on whether they will be discriminating against those who cannot, do not need or want to have the experimental Covid vaccine. Why is nobody talking about this???
  12. Emailed the club for confirmation and received a typical non committal response. I guess its reasonable to assume they are none the wiser.
  13. Haha, yes because you have no answer!!! What a pathetic reply.
  14. Yellow Fever and Herman. Still waiting for your answers...
  15. Your damn right I'm self righteous. And it's been attained from the steadfast belief and courage of my convictions that the path I have chosen is the correct one. The brain dead around me confirm this on a daily basis. But humour me, assuming your one of the vaccine joyous, prove me wrong. Shake my belief. Prove me to be a 'Covidiot'. Give me your answers to the below: 1. Why do you believe wearing a face nappy protects you from Covid and is stopping the spread, UK and Worldwide, when there has been no clear definitive direction on the efficacy of mask wearing, and an abundance of opposing detail, such as Government and health officials stating in the beginning categorically that they are of no use. Fauci said it, Hancock and Vallance said it. Only to do a massive U-turn weeks later. Are you even aware of the countless studies and research done that not only debunks masks, but highlights the damage they can cause? Florida and California, amongst other countries, India, Sweden etc. 2 opposing State responses, one mandating masks and Lockdowns, one the opposite. Virtually the same Covid statistics. I'm very keen to get a challenging response to this info. If your adamant masks work, explain your reasoning other than the BBC and Boris and Hancock said so. 2. Why, assuming your pro vaccine, do you want an experimental mRNA jab, in phase 2 trials, untested, that the Gov and Gates himself have even said we don't know what the long term effects are and we won't know for another 2 years, that countless professional doctors and scientists have come out and warned against, and the adverse reaction sheet is into the 100,000's now, with how many deaths worldwide post jab? Why do you believe Boris and Gates etc. have your best interest at heart and are telling the utmost truth? Are you that gullible? And why, after 12 months if this, when most likely the world and his dog have been exposed to Covid, and therefore will have built up memory t cells, anti bodies and immunity to Covid and it's many variants, do you believe you still need a vaccine to protect against it? Why have you forgotten that humans and viruses, particularly Corona and other flu viruses have co-existed for thousands of years without the need for mass vaccination? But no, because Boris and the TV now tell you we all need vaccines or we will definitely all die, you believe it. I would really love some answers and I genuinely mean that. Because so far after 12 months not one person can offer anything other than "your a Covidiot" "where's your tin hat" and " The Gov and the BBC have our best interests at heart." I'll leave you with Ivermectin, Vit D and Zinc. Proven treatments that have been suppressed and the Government have been completely silent on from day one. There are billions being made from this Covid scam. What did Lord Falconer say? Covids the gift that keeps on giving? No, the masses just ignore that don't they. I'm not denying Covid exists, I had it so know better than some, but the response has been entirely about something very different to protecting your health.
  16. "People are simply stupid im afraid"... Oh the irony. This from someone who believes a word Vallance and Whitty say. Berating the non mask wearers also. Maybe they were exempt from wearing a mask? Or maybe, maybe they weren't brain dead sheep and had actually done some research into the efficacy of mask wearing. There is no definitive evidence that mask wearing makes a jot of difference, and plenty to suggest they cause harm. Breathing in bacteria, your own Co2 etc. If masks work, why a year down the line is there no effing change? Why is Florida fully open? Why do they have the same Covid statistics to California? A mask mandated state. You will have no answers to these questions other than im a Covidiot and there's no way Boris, Hancock and Whitty are lying to us all. Have you seen the compilation video doing the rounds, of the Government, and Fauci, stating masks are completely unnecessary and provide no protection? Or does your limited brain capacity only store information from the last 6 weeks? I'm really starting to loathe the mask wearing, vaccine champion, virtue signalling, Government/MSM lie believers. I've always thought 90% of the population are brain dead. The response from people to Covid has confirmed it. The level of compliance and blind delusion from the masses is so disappointing. WAKE UP!!!!!
  17. not working for me either, thankfully ive not paid as yet. F£$%&*g shocking.
  18. Taken from BBC News. So the official Covid death toll is 42,350 deaths. Hang on, wait a minute, no it isnt. According to the official UK Govt graphic below it is 42,350 deaths FOR ANY REASON of people who also happened to have had Covid that died within 28 days of testing positive. So what that suggests is that you can get hit by a bus and die, but if you had Covid, with no symptoms, mild symptoms or severe, your added to the death toll. I would suggest that if you have had Covid for 28 days, and at least 28 days, then your not going to die from it. And how is this figure presented to the public? 42,350 PEOPLE HAVE DIED OF COVID. Yes it has the fine print, but that isnt how the figure is conveyed on the MSM. Who knows what the real death toll is. Could be 150 people, and the average age is 81, so what does that tell you? UK GOVT AND BBC NEWS THE BIGGEST PERPETRATORS OF FAKE NEWS WE HAVE EVER SEEN. How many suicides and undiagnosed disease deaths will we see due to the lies that have been told?
  19. From the British Medical Journal. Leaked documents. Hurrah, soon we will need to have a digital passport to visit elderly relatives or get into Carrow Road again. https://www.bmj.com/content/370/bmj.m3558
  20. McLean was appalling yesterday. I don't know what Farke sees in him, he is such a limited player. Can't remember a more abject performance from a city player as bad as McLean's. No goals, no assists, no forward passes, no forward runs, no tackles, no blocks, no headers, no shots. Plenty of 5 yard sideways and backward passes though to BG and Zim, along with loads of pointing whenever anyone else came near him with the ball, especially when Zimbo and Ben came forward. I remember Skipp making at least 4 drives forward in the second half ending with a decent forward pass. Not once did McLean do this. Absolute lazy performance from him, contributed nothing at all and we could have played 4132 and nobody would have noticed. This guy has a midfield responsibility to create, drive forward and influence our play yet he did absolutely 0% of the above. Just watch his defensive work when Prestons midfield are moving the ball forward thru Midfield. McLean is just wandering around giving the impression he is working hard all while the ball is going past, or thru him in the case of the 2nd goal. There is no fast closing down, no gut busting to win his battle, just jogging around near where the play is. I don't like feeling this re: a city player but I am still fuming over his performance yesterday, having just watched the highlights again, where of course he wasnt involved in anything. Plenty of highlights from everyone else however, Aarons for example with shots runs and crosses. We see more from our defenders than we do from McLean when it comes to forward runs, passes, shots and crosses. Just look at Quintilla and Aarons attacking involvement yesterday, and a bit from Ben Godfrey driving forward. The game just passes McLean by and he's done nothing of note in 90 mins. He has got to go. Watch the first half v Watford last season when Vrancic came in. More creative and diverse forward passes in 45 mins than McLean managed all season. Our play was much quicker and dynamic. I don't get the McLean love in from Farke at all. Appalling player, so limited. Reminds me of Fozzy.
  21. I'm not sure it matters they are using refs. We can see it's onside/offside and were not specialist linesman. Fact is they are using VAR as a tool to control game outcomes.
  22. Spot on, hadnt thought of that but I guess your right, their using whatever frames they want. Manipulation of presenting the truth to fit their own agenda. The Man Utd penalty where Godfrey was fouled and now the Palace one have convinced me they are using VAR to manipulate the results they want. The FA should just f off now and form a European superleague if they dont want the likes of Norwich in the prem.
  23. ???? Completely irrelevant part of the evidence presented. Well done Columbo.
  24. That's exactly it, the Pukki one we can accept because of the pedantic nature of the rule now, as evidenced again by the ridiculous Wesley one. The Palace one they have clearly stopped the frame and drawn the line where they want to indicate onside, even tho the bloody ball hadn't even been played! Ive looked at it over and over and even if you argue my picture isn't exactly the moment the ball was played, as it wasn't, it was milliseconds on, the velocity at which Zaha would have hit the ball would far outweigh the pace at which Zimbo and Wickham were running, hence that frame with the ball clearly entering its new direction forward will be more than likely to be the fairer frame to use to judge, in that it's the moment the ball was played forward. If you follow the path of the ball and Wickhams proximity to the 6 yard box line, and then when the ball changes direction from the cross, you can clearly see the wrong freeze frame has been used by VAR, or rather the right one to fit their agenda. Utterly corrupt.
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