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  1. I for one thought that Sibierski was going to be a good signing for Norwich. However, this was based primarily on Roeder''s comments and press reports. The F.A. Cup game was the first that I have been to this season and seen the team live. During the first half Norwich''s tactics to play the ball up to the front two in the air, did not work as both tried to jump from a standing start. Even when they won it we lost the second phase possession, Matt Holland won most of the headers playing at centre half! With the substitutions at half time, one because Omozusi was lost ( to put it kindly. )Hoolahan''s tight control and sharp passing improved both Norwich''s tempo and helped Sibierski''s game, as he played the ball to feet. Again Sibierskis game went up another notch when Lupoli arrived on the scene as there seemed to be more options and angles to play the ball. My conclusions are that if we play Sibierski , then the ball needs to be played to feet with the occasional lump and only if angles are created by an intelligent partner. Surely there are better and less expensive options about.
  2. Used to go regularly, to home gamesand a few aways, since 1978 season. ( Paying £1 to stand in the old Barclay. )When first going, but have never been able to afford a season ticket, up until about 8 years ago, very sporadically since. Probably, only once or twice a season since then. This is down to finances as , like others I have a mortgage , young family and have to travel to matches. I work with several season ticket holders and always seek them out after a Norwich game for their opinions about the match and any rumours/ gossip. I Try to listen to the games via radio Norfolk ,but still get frustrated when things do not always go right and thump the air with pride when Norwich score.
  3. Just read my football writer, saw that Jarrolds have extended their sponsorship of the South stand. Can anyone explain what these companies gain from such deals?
  4. If England''s bid for the World Cup were to be successful how would this be beneficial to fans and clubs,like Norwich City? 
  5. Can anybody help in my quest to find match reports from the 67-68 season? I am trying to collect programmes from this season and would like to link these with the afore mentioned match reports.
  6. Can anybody help? Not being much of a computer genius,( excuses out of the way ), but where can i find Norwich City fixtures and results for different seasons on the internet. Especially 67/68, as this is the year i was born ( April )?  
  7. I had the same emotions and had to curb the language as the missus was on the telephone! Now it is up to the board to back the manager and staff with some financial clout. Now even if he is not everyones choice he needs the supporters backing as well. Danny Bloomfield said on Radio Norfolk last Saturday that away teams hate playing at Lynn because of their vociferous home support. We need to follow their example.
  8. Why three weeks to appoint Roeder if he was not in a job previously?  
  9. You are right in what you say, but do you really think that this squad is now strong enough to keep us in the championship? I for one believe that this is the right strategy and that the transfer budget is best served during the summer break. Hopefully our current batch of players will keep us up.  
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