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  1. And sometimes you don’t. Normann had to go off, he was done. Leaving the back line exposed that late in the game would’ve been suicidal. We seem to have learned from our mistakes.
  2. Is he not a creative player? You said it. Out of your depth now?
  3. Always 👀 on the bright side of life 🎶
  4. Go support the scum. They need your kind of positivity 🤣
  5. More shots than Brighton. The same number of shots on, including the 2 clearest for us. What that says is that you are talking out of your ****
  6. Again. He did not set out to draw. The amount of chances we had to win the game might be a clue for you. But then you would know that…if you had been to the game. Safe journey home. I think there might be folk happy if we played with 4 strikers and lost 10-0. ‘At least we ‘ad a goo bor’!
  7. We can agree on that. His best game so far. Even if his shooting was a bit off. Some of his through balls were sublime.
  8. No obviously I’m not saying he went out to draw at best. We created enough chances to have won. Despite 3 at the back. But if you don’t take your chances make sure at least you don’t lose the game. Brighton are decent, even beloved Brentford lost at home to them. I just think if we’d taken one out of defense we would’ve handed the game to Brighton late on.
  9. If he had gambled and lost what would you be saying then?
  10. We had the balance right today. We desperately need to work on our set pieces though.
  11. If we play like this we won’t get annihilated by anyone. We might draw 0-0 though 🧐
  12. You must be at least 110 years old? What was the Norwich way in 1930?
  13. That wasn’t a boring game. Go watch the binners by way of comparison.
  14. When did anyone say Idah was the great hope? Tzolis is probably wondering what he’s going to have for tea. Don’t think Farke put a foot wrong today. Changes were made when players were exhausted.
  15. So ironic so hear chants of ‘Howay the lads!’ Ever more meaningless. Lads as in mercenary footballers or the sort that go on trips to murder political opponents? It’s awful this has been approved. More and more corrupt, unfit and improper it could not be. PL fawning to that regime. Never been more happy to have Delia and Michael.
  16. Give it a rest, countless other ‘experts’ have already said the same thing in the same tedious and patronizing manner. It is SO Boring. And pathetic. The problem is our players aren’t good enough 🥱 bla bla bla. FFS.
  17. Ha ha what is the point of Ben Fletcher, whoever he is? Mediocre degree in ……talking ****e.
  18. I’m sorry, this is rubbish. Nobody but nobody is talking about this like we have won an FA cup final. Time to put the bins out?
  19. So you advocate us going back to the gung ho attacking, we’ll score more than you approach that has seen us fail abysmally at this level? Nobody is doing cartwheels after a draw at Burnley but we can’t just go out and win games at this level while being all over the place at the back. We simply have to stop conceding soft goals to have any chance. Then try to build in that.
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