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  1. Arn''t the 12 (thirteenth was Hucks who has sighned) all players that we on this board have said we want to get rid of so why do we want them to have new contracts.
  2. Even when the club is doing badly you should still support it. The fact that it is a sell out shows that the views on this board don''t reflect the majority views. also - leeds are doing even worse so it should be a win
  3. We may still see some more coming in. I don''t think we will but I live in hope. Busyest day of the transfer window is always the last day.
  4. He is a player that can take us up. If he does that then he is easily worth his wages
  5. He would be great but no chance us being able to afford his wages
  6. Nice if it was watford but can only see them doing worse then sunderland did this year if they do go up.
  7. [quote user="San Miguel"] well if they get O''Neill we should go for Roeder! fantastic job in such a short space of time knowing our luck, if Worthy did go, we''d get Souness! or McCarthy! [/quote] Not Roeder, nice bloke but did awful at West Ham McCarthy - I think would be OK, did well with sunderland, untill this season
  8. 7th sounds better then 12th but there are two big reasons to finish 7th 1st - we earn more money 2nd - we are higher then Ipswich
  9. and we must finish higher then the scum!!
  10. The higher we finish the more money we receive for worthy to waste
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