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  1. x1 ticket for the away end terraces pm if interested
  2. Just wondering if anyone knows of any good places to park at palace. many thanks.
  3. im sure i just saw him doing the london marathon on a clip from bbc news, did anyone else see this????
  4. get a grip mate, u class someone as a hooligan because they ran onto the pitch after winning the league, wtf you on about your saying that the whole of the rochdale crowd are hooligans as the whole stadium bascially ran onto the pitch same with newcastle away all of the away fans ran onto the pitch at plymouth. Its not a disgrace at all just a load of drunk blokes running on the pitch to celebrate a good day.
  5. was thinking about getting the centenary badge and have some writing in the ribbon pieces. any ideas anyone??
  6. if its possible to just drive down to colney and watch the reserves play or is it just to ncfc personal Help appreciated
  7. All i know is that he had pre agreemant that he was going to sign for peterborough, This came from a mate of mine who plays for cambridge. He wouldnt lie to me about it and plus when i was up there in their players lounge he was talking about it then to. Its very interesting what you find out in the players lounge but i promised not to repeat what was said.
  8. http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11741_5891416,00.html  It looks like it Gordino
  9. FFS i am not making it up holroyd will go to peterborough not us, im not one of these people that come on here to stir things up. The person who originally set up this thread is making it up thats why i replied. I dont normally post stuff on here just like to get peoples opinions on things by viewing different threads but i can certainly say that holroyd is not coming to us.
  10. The source is from holroyds mouth himself and no im not making it up, i go up to see them play when norwich are away and sit in the players lounge after the game and holroyd has said himself that peterborough made an approach in december and he would go at the end of jan.
  11. This is from a source from within the club i am very good mates with one of the players their and holroyd will be joining peterborough, i have known this since the beggining of the window and he will not be joining norwich FACT
  12. my friend who goes to uni in colchester and is also a dedicated norwich fan is renting a house in colchester and got my tickets using his postcode. Just hope everything goes ok on the day.
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