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  1. Thoughts on Bertrand... Will he get a good reception from the fans do you think? Good first stint with us, but second time really didn''t seem bothered but of a mercenary or am I being harsh???
  2. [quote user="morty"][quote user="hogesar"]Morty, pretty ridiculous actually. Other clubs may only be willing to risk a mil on him but he''s worth more than that to us in my opinion, and most probably in Lamberts too.[/quote]I agree that he''s worth more than that to us, but I don''t agree that he''s worth a million on the open market.[/quote] Of course he is! Did we not pay half a million to Shrewsbury who were in league 2. For then to step up in league one with 24 goals! If Chopra is worth £4m then Holt is easily worth £1m if not more!
  3. i know the guy that text in and i also know joe. he was talking to my dad in yellows before the game, he was sitting in the N&P and he is in fact not coming on loan! i feel he is very unhappy about the way he was treated and rightly so!
  4. [quote user="Clipped Canary"][quote user="CT "][quote user="Clipped Canary"]Then everyone would know who you are CT, and would be poking you all day! [/quote] I''m not bothered ! I could give as good as I''ve got! [/quote] Ha-ha! Very good! That wasn''t meant aggresively, I forgot my smiley! [:D] Are you planning to set it up? [/quote] Sexual Tension?
  5. [quote user="Hardhouse44"]I am very pi$$ed. But I need to say this. OTBC. Awesome. [/quote]   haha brilliant good work my friend!
  6. [quote user="Ncfc101"] I saw two kids having a ding dong behind the jarrold stand on the way out. Plod came over and told them too bugger off home so they did, That was about it. Anyone see anything in the city center?   ps Great support must have helped today,Great noise from the Norfolk boys!!!!!!!!  [/quote]   Thats disgusting why were you watching two kids have a ding dong? As for the police telling them to bugger at home, fair play!
  7. [quote user="Ginger Pele"]no dogger, its all the abuse he gets, and most of it he dosn''t deserve[/quote] i fancy him
  8. [quote user="1st Wizard"][quote user="wayne kerr"]haven`t we been down this road before ? no defeat for norwich is a good thing i can`t understand anyone even suggesting it might be[/quote]Because it helps centre peoples minds wayne, and gives the buggers sitting on the fence a slight prod!.[/quote] Like to give buggers a quick prod do u 1st Wiz?
  9. i wana take his glasses off and poke him in the eye!
  10. [quote user="jim blair"]Was Fotheringham on it ? [/quote] Funny you should say that im pretty sure i saw him and Granty in the background!
  11. Yeah i did think of him looks like hes coming good! making me eat my words lol! hes priced at 18/1 worth a punt i reckon
  12. Just thinking about placing a sneaky bet on who will be the first goalscorer tonight! Just wondering who everyone else thinks or hsa hunches as to who will score if at all! tempted with Berty at 40/1!
  13. [quote user="norfolkbroadslim"] [quote user="Dwayne Dibley"]I''ve just got back from Pizza Hut.......I just had to get away from this bl**dy screen for half an hour!! [/quote] What did you have? [/quote] Ha prob just went for the salad bar lol!
  14. Just out of interest what did everyone have for dinner??? Thought it could be a fun way to pass the time while we wait for the immenent signings![:)] I had jacket potatoes was very nice actually! lol feel free to add ur contributions lol!! [:D]
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