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  1. [quote user="Camuldonum"] [quote user="Andy Larkin"]Is Mr Frantzen losing his job then? Its about time we reversed the share-holder culture in this country. Share-holders should only be paid dividends as a result of final profits, when staff have to lose their jobs in order for dividends to be maintained, there is something very badly wrong with the world. Come the day of the revolution brothers… up against the wall with the bloody lot of them! Signed!!!!!! [/quote] Franzen is an idiot . [/quote] YEP!!!!!!!!
  2. Good luck with that Pete!! I would like to say though that this doesn''t make a difference to the ones that have already gone does it..? What about the 5 or 6 guys from Marketing, 15  from Sales (including 5 Managers) and the 9 who were told yesterday from the design dept..? These are as well as the ones that they legally had to announce last week from the editorial dept. (Legally companies have to announce if 21 or more redundancies are made at once) I hope this isn''t a waste of time for you Pete, i just have a feeling that Archant have their minds made up! Best wishes
  3. Aye..always do - never a fan of the ''Boo boys''!! Just don''t think it helps anyone!
  4. Yesterday the EEN reported that we had signed David ''Rooney'' and today David Mooney is 6''11''''!!!! Come on Archant, pull your finger out!!
  5. Probably been made redundant like most of everyone else has at the big house on the hill! [:S]
  6. Doc knocked me over in the BP garage near county hall a few months ago (bodily not in his car) and he picked me up, apologised profusely asked if i was ok etc etc and a few seconds after, i realised it was him! I spent all the way home wishing that it was Dion or Rusty!
  7. [quote user="grantroederdisaster"] I once met a football in the ManU museum that was used when the club was called Newton Heath in the late 1890''s!   Other than that I''ve never met a famous football! [/quote]I have seen a football that was claimed to be used in the world cup (''66) in a museum in London somewhere when i was at school - does that count as ''meeting'' one?
  8. Neil Adamm - "Shacks was absolutely awesome tonight"
  9. No change in the table but the points look a little better..
  10. Come on!!! It''s over... thank my lucky socks for that!! Phew
  11. [quote user="IBA"][quote user="Canary Cupcake"][quote user="IBA"][quote user="Stevie Wonder"] but Soton 2-0 up at Ipswich!!!!!! [/quote] Excellent. [/quote]Ordinarily yes, but NOOOOOO you twonk![/quote] I dont give a toss if it sends us down..... I wont support them. What are you...... "if you dont like my principals I''ll find some new ones" Pathetic [/quote]Takin it all a little too seiously sweetie, no offence meant, i hate the winkers too!
  12. Bloody hell, just realised i''ve eaten nearly a whole tub of Rum n Raisin!
  13. [quote user="IBA"][quote user="Stevie Wonder"] but Soton 2-0 up at Ipswich!!!!!! [/quote] Excellent. [/quote]Ordinarily yes, but NOOOOOO you twonk!
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