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  1. Dus anyone know if pete is on tonight?
  2. Sorry to dissapoint you Super Wes but you have been totally misinformed!!!!! Carl has had nothing to do with the financing of Rodents pay off and that was from the real horses mouth.........
  3. A pair of naf trainers from a naf shop in Ipsh##e!!!
  4. YES! He was turning into Poartman Rd at 13.55 pm.I Had been into the town to return an xmas prezzie of my daughters!!  Not a secret scummer if thats what you are getting at!!
  5. Whilst reluctantly driving past the portaloo yesterday, We saw Gunny entering the s##t hole, obviously there to view Alex Bruce! I hope we sign him even though he is a scummer!!! Anyone agree????
  6. If the RODENT goes, who do you all want in as next manager????
  7. Come on the board the time has come for the RODENT to go, get Boothroyd and Hucks in for the derby!!!!!!
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