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  1. http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2009/aug/27/birmingham-david-gold-sullivan-takeover Interesting. ''Family club''? Done a decent job at Brum though, certainly got more money behind them.
  2. [quote user="Smudger"][quote user="lappinitup"][quote user="Smudger"][quote user="lappinitup"][quote user="Smudger"] Roll up, roll up, register here http://www.fcdartfordtown.co.uk Is this how they signed our fantastic new striker one wonders??? [/quote]Oh dear smudger...... "The Senior Dartford Town FC Side compete in the South London Football Alliance Division 4." You really are clutching at straws now. Of course, you will say you were joking...... [/quote]Seeing you aseem to know the score here Lapp... maybe you could point out where that is to me on the Pyramid??? Because I must admit I am a little lost... [:$] http://www.thepyramid.info/asp/pyramid3.asp [/quote]I think the league is too minor to register on there. It''s affilliated to West Kent and london FA''s..... Hope that helps. [8-|] [/quote] Exactly Lappin... so is it school football then??? Watch out Sprowston Rovers... Doncaster is running his beady eye over your Under 15''s next week... [:$] [/quote] We don''t have an Under 15''s, Just the sunday first team. Sprowston Wanderers might have though..... And Doncaster is welcome to come watch me play anytime he likes, at least I can promise you 100% commitment to the cause (even if i would make Boyle look like a good signing!)
  3. Phat, Phat, Phat.... The mother in Law didn''t ''forget'' that''s a classic mother in law hint!
  4. Well if you go over to my footballwriter.com you''ll see Roeder saying how he couldn''t get either of his permenant signings, that we offered what Brum wanted for Taylor, and that he''s kept that money for the summer to spend there, and thinks there might even be more available.  
  5. Football League Operations Centre is in Preston, not a subtle hint of a transfer!
  6. Brilliant. The guy hasn''t played 2 games for us yet, but he''s already written off as rubbish. We really are the best supporters in world ain''t we? A proud proud day for NCFC.
  7. Yellow Rider makes a good point about the Direct Debit payments. I wonder how this would affect the club? I was always under the impressing that cancelling the DD and returning the ST wasn''t an option, you''d still be expected to pay for it, seems this isn''t the case. Be a shame if this does end up affecting the books as its a great option for me, if the direct debit option wasn''t available i don''t think i''d have a season ticket. (or i''d have to do a lot of work on Mrs Megson to allow use of the savings and replace that each month instead ;-) )
  8. [quote user="nutty nigel"] w8wba talks sense here bless him [;)] Truth is we have too many season ticket holders who only renew for fear of not being able to get to games otherwise. In the past season ticket holders were people who wanted to go to every game regardless of performance, league position, quality of football, the nationality of the manager, the sex of the majority shareholders, in fact sheep in the true sense of the word! [;)] So now we end up with people going to games that for many reasons they would have chosen to miss as casual fans. And then we get posts on here about not renewing season tickets and if its this early in the season sending them back. Each time the season ticket numbers drop I wish the club would cap the number until it drops to a realistic level. Then there would be more tickets for casual sales when the team was doing well, and loads of empty spaces to send a message to the bored [|-)] when the team was doing badly. And more importantly for me there would only be people in the ground who want to be there, because just like Peter Grant has tried to get players who want to play for the club we would have fans who want to support them. If that''s only 12,000 then so be it. [/quote] Totally agree Nutty. Got to be honest there''s been plenty of games that have felt like a duty rather than a pleasure!
  9. [quote user="biggleyellow"][quote user="BlyBlyBabes"] But Cheeky, you monkeys love bananas. Better look out for all those skins. And I suppose in monkeyland our history started in 1995. OTBC   [/quote] Typical blablybly post, the subtle patronising post of usual "my names bly, I have been ''supporting'' Norwich since 1926 and anyone else who supported Norwich after that is not worthy and I don''t listen to them but patronise them" Surprise at your age you can use a computer ha ha [/quote] lol Being an older fan gives you more experience, it does mean you may have a clearer view of whats going on as you''ve seen it before. However. Older fans used to watch a game that, sadly IMHO, no longer exists. The games changed beyond recognition, which is maybe why some can''t recognise that.
  10. [quote user="Peter Grunt"] Police were called to Portman Road after someone broke into the trophy room. - They are now looking for a stolen blue carpet! Anti-corruption officers investigating NCFC - Apparently they have no defense! [/quote] First one''s old, got to admit the second made me chuckle though!
  11. [quote user="Mello Yello"] I''d love to attend, but I do have more pressing issues. I have to stay at home and do the ironing.......     [/quote] Then don''t moan about "not being listened to"
  12. 96/97 13th 97/98 15th 98/99 9th 99/00 12th 00/01 15th 01/02 6th 02/03 8th 03/04 1st 04/05 19th (prem) 05/06 9th 06/07 16th
  13. [quote user="Peter Grunt"] [quote user="blahblahblah"]This team are still learning each others'' games.  It will take time for them to gel as a unit, for the manager and players to learn from the mistakes made in early season defeats and draws.  [/quote] Teams that take time to gel will not get promoted. We must be up the top 1/4 from the start if there is any chance. After the magic 10 games, often quoted, we could already be 12 points or so adrift of the top, and leaving ourselves an impossible climb in this league. [/quote] I take your point, but that only applies to finishing top 2, which is not going to happen. We may finish top 6, and to do that if you are in touch with the top 6 come february/March you''ve got every chance of putting in a late run to secure a top 6 finish.
  14. [quote user="ncfc1"]Sunderland changed their manager and spent lots of money , we wont be doing that will we ?[/quote] Not unless we get bought out by a consortium with massive resources prepared to pump money into the club that they are unlikely to see again just to get us up. Lets be clear here, we are NOT going to finish in the top two, anyone thinking we will needs to drop that now, ain''t gonna happen.
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