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  1. well I live in Sandy in Bedfordshire and wear my shirt with pride, also surrounded by fair weather supporters of Premiership clubs. I''m a season ticket holder and also go to a few away games so if you do get together give us a shout.
  2. my son has sats starting on Monday so have no chance of getting him out of school to travel back to Norwich from Sandy and promised him a few weeks ago if we won it I would only go with him. I did think they would get the trophy at Crewe, rubbish rule by Nationwide as Man U got Premiership at Everton last season, this exile will just have to celebrate at Crewe on Sunday and rely on parents to take loads of pictures on Monday.
  3. I noticed them doing this weeks ago and it''s always Francis who kicks into touch. It has to be a superstition coz has anyone ever seen Hucks head the ball? I did notice though that Preston did exactly the same thing so perhaps it''s a new tactic. It''ll be interesting if they do it at Crewe on Sunday.
  4. I did take a few pictures from Saturday, some are okay, for all those Blue Peter fans I''ve got one of Simon Thomas and my son in scores before the game
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