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  1. Luckily i only had a half an hour drive to see this game, we were shocking, it was painful to watch. The only thing that kept me entertained (other than the half time entertainment) were the blokes on the left side who sang for pretty much the whole game! Am dreading Saturday.
  2. I will be in the neutral zone block P1 and i too will be wearing all green and yellow!!
  3. [quote]Why do people keep starting new threads about starting new threads. Last time I checked we lived in the democratic free world - where we can start threads if we want without the approval of forum gur...[/quote] Here, here Stella. Chill everyone. Are ''multi-threads'' really something we should be worrying about considering our current position in the prem? O.T.B.C
  4. I think both Francis and Greeno have done themselves proud so far. Charlton too, he''s a strong defender but is also quite creative, he did really well on saturday too.
  5. I was ecstatic when i found out he was playing on sat, i thought he was v skillful and creative. Really hope he keeps his place in the team.
  6. Here, here. Solid is definitely the word. Must admit I was a bit doubtful when he first joined us, but on Saturday he really impressed me. He was totallly reliable and played Bolton at their own game in the dirtiness stakes. Well done Doc.
  7. I agree. It was a very emotional experience even in the Jarrold stand! What an atmosphere. Let''s keep it up.
  8. I agree. Safri showed great promise. Was very impressed. Also thought Helveg did well and Jonson managed xtremely well marking N''Gotty, what a brute!
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