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  1. I am a supporter of this club, have been for years and I am also a believer in free speech and the glory of debate. It is right that we should hold our own opinions and I am happy to voice mine and stand up and be judged on them. I do not wish to hide behind my online persona and am happy to give my name below. I think Worthy has either missed the point completely as rumours appear everywhere all the time or fails to understand communication online. I don''t agree with crap rumours that are hurtful being aired but this is opinion and freedom. Regrettably if you are in the public eye you are likely to experience this negativity, doesn''t make it right but it happens and I think that there are slightly more important issues for the manager of a recently relegated club sitting at 20th in the league to be concentrating on. So Mr Worthington maybe you could tell me, Brian Bush lower barclay block a, why we are where we are. And I am of the opinion that you are not the man for the job at the moment and I expect you to change my view by doing your job more effectively or to leave. Your choice which.  Brian Bush (I am also happy for the web moderators to pass on my details for contact should Worthy wish to discuss)
  2. Regardless of whether he stays or goes we all want the same end result, I want Norwich,my team, to win. I want my team to beat the teams that are not as good as them. I want my team to occassionally thump the opposition and play them off the park. I do not expect miracles but I know we are as good as and a lot better than most teams in this division. I personally currently feel that Worthy is underperforming as are some of the team, I am of the opinion that he should go as, at this moment in time, I feel that is best for my team. In reality though I don''t care whether that individual stays and turns it round to get us where we all know we should be, or he goes and someone else does it. I want the end result- I want someone to do it. The point I am making is that for me it is not personal against individuals but against the situation that we are in as individuals. Only the individual can decide if things are personal. We all have the right to voice opinion and if they seem critical or not they are still only opinions. It is true that we must all unite as a team, but to do so most effectively all team members must perform and if it isn''t working it is because some are not trying as hard as they might or the team is wrong. You make your own luck in life.
  3. Thanks for the update and sounds a little worrying, of course now is the time given the ''news views'' of a positive reaction to worthy we will all be classed as paranoid for continuing to doubt the manager. It appears as though they have gone for the emperors new clothes approach and if everybody says something is good then we will all believe it-some good old fashioned labour spin How refreshing
  4. Norwich boss Nigel Worthington: "We have just got to roll our sleeves up, dig in like we have in recent years and come through it. "I''ve got good players here and it''s just not rolling for us at the moment and we have got to make it roll. "I''ll be strong. The important thing from my point of view is that my job is on the line here and I will be working damn hard to make sure I retain my position. "The pressure will be no problem. I''ve been in football a long time now and I can deal with that." What planet are you on, we were absolute dross today and this is getting worse, Ashton, Safri and Hughes battled the others simply wore the shirt.Hucks and Deano do not seem to gel together and for a team that is so focused on the training pitch and so buried within a team spirit why do they bitch at each other so much. Why was Hucks up front again- THIS DOES NOT WORK Flem at right back over a right back on the bench we lacked passion and pride and had no imagination and the board must make the decision that has now become inevitable before they themselves become questioned for their ability to manage Worthy and the idiot lino must be related as neither appears to have seen what was in front of them It is time for some tough decisions
  5. You make some good points and I agree with you here, I think the problem that a lot of people have is they want to avoid being negative and whilst the points are good they cast a negative view on things.This cannot be avoided though. We must remember though that we are in a negative position and this must be dealt with head on.We are simply not that good, that is far from positive. I do not think we have played exceptionally for a whole game for a long while now, we have been described as ''plucky'' and like another post on here this refers to the little norwich scenario.   Well screw that, why can''t we be the aggressive stylish team of players that we once were. The way we currently play is embarrassing and if the team and manager are not wholly embarrased by it then we have the wrong team and manager. I don''t care about anything as long as everytime we play we do so like we mean it and with a pride and most important some damn good old fashioned passion.  
  6. I did not see either game this week so can only judge on a 3rd hand opinion, however some things currently are blatantly obvious Players are being used out of position-partly due to injury admittedly, but this is not the only case (charlton/jarrett)there is something wrong within the team at present as they have no passion or commitment to the cause (exclude people like ashton here)worthy seems unable to do anything different than he has always done to rectify this-his comments back this up as he constantly uses the same old tired excuses and reasoning. Remember that while it is true that he does not speak fully in public his use of the same phrases time after time indicates that his behind the scenes approach will be roughly the same as his brain doesn''t change in conversation from week to weekwe have developed an ability to lose as highlighted by Mr Holloway, like it or not this will soon develop into a heads down mentality if not correctedlike worthy or not, if this doesn''t change soon (2 games max) he must be replaced as it will continue, human nature indicates this as the team will follow a pattern of acceptanceI for one think he should go as things are not working at present, I expected, following the shower at Luton, that we would fight like mad on Saturday to correct it with wild challenges and some aggressive football but it appears that we again rolled over to accept our fate. Worthington is of course not fully responsible for this as it is the team of 11 individuals who will determine their value for the 90 minutes of a game, however it is the manager that will determine the mood and attitude that they adopt when they go out there and also has the ability to correct it between the 2 halves. For this aspect he must shoulder full responsibility, you pick your best team, motivate them to the best of your and their ability and regardless of the end result we can only judge them on their total commitment and at the moment it simply does not exist. So I am not a kneejerk worthy out campaigner but view his demise as a factual one as above as the biggest element that we lack at present is a commitment to win and he and his staff determine the  inclusion of this and that of passion in the team along with the captain who is again determined by the management team. Regrettably all roads currently lead to the same place and as things stand at the moment he must go. And before anybody feels the need to criticise me for missing the point that if we win the next game the problem that we are suffering from now will have gone, well it won''t unless the management team change their approach and this issue will surface again in the future as long as the management team does not change. To get from where you are, to where you want to be somebody must lead and I am struggling to see who this will be at present.
  7. Great experience and we will come back up again and if we were to be honest on the earlier commitment of the team we should not have been in the position of having a last chance at all However given that we got the chance I for one do not ever want to see that idiot Francis wearing the yellow and green again, against Birmingham he was missing to say the least and today he had did nothing at all in the game and was an absolute waste of space. Relegation was expected at the start of the season and midway through the season we looked good for going down, we then get a final chance 6 games in and we show passion and fight to get to the last day and then on the final day we get robbed of 2 penalty shouts and a bloody good goal and we fail to come out fighting in the second half and then simply roll over to an average premiership side. This may be sour grapes and too much beer talking but overall so what, we played some good games and those who did their bit stand proud and those who didn''t you know who you are and you do not belong here Even I am getting bored now so come on next season we will dominate that fizzy league 1 VERY PISSED OFF FAN.........FRANCIS MUST GO 
  8. Got the letter with my season ticket and I am also 6ft tall and from August to May have 2 constant bruises on my knees as a result of the seating. I too have no problem with the club over this but do sometimes find the attitude of stewards in the Barclay lower a little arrogant. I know that they have a job to do but this is a football match and remove the (occasional) standing and you will remove the passion. Maybe I should bring action against the council for the damage caused to my knees as a result of their enforcement as an infringement of my human rights, yes stupid I know but then so is the ''safety'' banner that they always hide behind. Joe Royle''s got a monkeys head
  9. I am in Woodton near Bungay but thankfully not in that scum hole that is Suffolk. I am attached to my NR postcode and retain it at all costs.
  10. We did not give him a hard enough time that day and it peed me off that he got away with no Marshall specials as he was not under enough pressure from us or the team. He is scum not for having left us but for the way in which he left. He was and always will be bigger in his own mind than he will ever be on the pitch and is truly a player that deserves all he gets I for one will never forgive him for the way in which he left the team that developed him, for me he is just another Muscatt. On the Ball City----Europe soon!!!!
  11. He has you know They are the best team in the 1st division HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  12. I have just got home from the Fat Cat and I am too p***ed to communicate at all but all i will say is WERE GOING UP WERE GOING UP WERE GOING CITY''S GOING UP SEE YOU ALL AT WATFORD
  13. I have seen these for sale in the Rose ph on the corner of queens road and city road
  14. You may understand stats very well but you have no understanding at all of football to come up with this birdbrained idea. Norwich will NEVER merge with that scum waste of space down the road and no true fan would consider such a ridiculous idea. Football is about passion for your club at all times, succesful or not and this overides any business models or sense of practicality please put those efforts back into supporting Norwich as they prosper and praying that the blue and s**te drop down the league with Joe Royle''s career (If your post was intended as a joke then I''ve seen better) OTBC
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