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  1. Johnson is an OK player, and I''d love to see him given him a chance up front to be honest. But my problem with him is, when we signed him the players were saying how quick he is, and that he is only a fraction slower than hucks, but I can not remember him knocking the ball round someone and running past. For a winger/wide midfielder he never takes anyone on. That''s my major beef about him.Never mind, lets hope he can find his form and help to keep us up where we belong!! OTBC
  2. I must say, that recently, Hucks "last game" against Cardiff was the best atmosphere, even more so after the final whistle. Never seen anything like it. And as Susie B said, when he signed for us. That was the biggest cheer, and we didn''t even score!! But Svenson''s goal today. That was a massive cheer. All that tension, all the pressure, all the energy waiting to come out of the crowd. The ball spilled out to him. Teeing up for the shot. Me shouting "don''t hit it first time you idiot!", and the ball nestled sweetly in the top corner. Everyone just erupted. And that, my friends, is the goal that took us up. Can''t remember Vinnies own goal, but I would gladly pay good money to see that!! The cockney welshman.
  3. "Glory hunters stopping the real fans getting tickets" What are you talking about!!!! Real supporters already have tickets! Season tickets. Glory supporters are only stopping other glory supporters getting tickets. Real fans already have tickets, so the spare tickets are only going to go to glory hunters. Wake up. If you haven''t been to the club for 3/4 years, but suddenly find a few spare pounds now we''re top, that makes you a glory hunter. If you go regularly - "I went to see Norwich play Bayern Munich AND Milan!" That makes you a glory supporter. If you want to see Norwich play the bottom team when we are mid table with nothing to play for, then you are a true supporter! Glory Hunters are as welcome as any other casual ticket buyer, as long as you pay cash!!
  4. The slightly different colour seats are because they are padded seats for the execurive area. The Norwich City in the New stand will be changed during the close season. The reason for it being the way it is, is because there was a shortage of green seats (honestly!) and the compnay could not provide them in time.
  5. The last few days the majoroty has been about the fans slating the players and how wrong it is. When we win, we cheer, and people moan if we don''t. So if we play bad, why can''t we moan? After shelling out for a season ticket, and all the other bits and bobs, eveyone is entitled to there own opinion. And if a player is playing bad, especialy consistantly bad, then why can''t we let them know what we think? If you want to give £5k a week, I''ll let you call me what you want!!!
  6. Follow, follow, follow Follow the boys in yellow We''re in yellow and green We''re the worlds greatest team And it''s off to the Premier we go Repeat untill you can''t sing anymore!!!!
  7. I''ll offer £30 a go if you''ve still got them available?
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