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  1. regular viewer but not really a contibuter any more,came very annoyed with the forum a while ago with some complete pettiness from a few posters anyway as  the start of the season is upon us i thought id have a post of my views.i come in peace im a season ticket holer,very reguallar away  traveller ive shared the same as everyone else the highs the lows the low lows i was there in munich i was there at leeds 95/charlton 09 im a ''casual'' i dont buy shirts,wear wigs or facepaint all the yellow and green is in my blood each top there own but thats me,when it says casual im not a thug or holligan,i love the culture,clothes and camaraderie it has always been with me since i started going in the late 70s and still with me now. the last few years with the demise of this great club has been painful,for me it goes back to when we were relegated at fulham,worthy was never sacked or even backed the following season players like svensson were replaced with players like thorne...bad decisons by the board and managers bring us here pretty much the land of the unknown in league one, im positive i''m liking who gunns brought in,i''ll give him another chance as everyone deserves one,still think it was a bottle job by the board but there u go what can you do...im not a lover of delia foulger or wynn  jones  i''d be pleanty happy if they  sold up it was watling and cooper who saved us in my opinon not her.... get behind the team and keep the faith p.s im not a binner and this is probaly a c**p post but there you go pps lay off curo he will come good when is confidence is restored,we all no what a good player he can be,give him another chance too,thanks for killing his confidence roeder      
  2. [quote user="PhatCanary"] Not a have a pop at the club post, please Bare with me on this. First off lets get to where i stand on the state of the club, i want Delia and her husband out of the club because IMO they along with Doncaster have put us in to a position of uncertainty and turned us into the small club Delia always used to refer to us as,their huge mistakes should not be forgotten overnight. Secondly Bryan Gunn, IMO he was always going to keep the job,relegation or not and in all honesty watching him in the 19 games he had to save us from the drop should tell any City fan that he has a huge ammount to learn when it comes to his tactics before and during games,(his substitutions record was very poor) and to be honest he made some odd team selections also BUT we have to face facts he has got the job like it or not,at the fans forum he promised the fans he would build a team of contracted players and that he has done,it is absolutely impossible for any of us to say if his new Norwich City will succeed or fail or indeed if Gunn will succeed or fail but for now we have to trust him and see if he has learnt from his mistakes! To the point of the post i don''t feel like i''m alone when i say that this forum has turned into somewhat of a playground of name calling and frankly tiresome bickering between fans who at the end of the day have the same passion and same goals for their beloved Norwich City,i do not agree with people who back Delia but that is their opinion and they have every right to give that opinion,some don''t agree with me for wanting Delia out but that is my opinion and i have every right to give that opinion,why do we have to turn to nasty snide digs and comments about peoples personal life or sexual preference in some cases, just because you don''t agree with someone does not give you the go ahead to abuse and berate,i will admit that on occasions i have fell into the trap of certain posters and had prolonged back and fouth arguments but i have to say i''m bored of it,can we please get back to a civilised grown up forum and debate our opinions like adults not 9 year old School kids,i''m not trying to preach to you guys and girls i''m sure some will have a real pop at me for this post but i feel the time for a new beginning is upon us both on the field and on this forum,maybe we will struggle again this season maybe Gunn will prove me wrong and he will take us back up but to be honest i just want to get back to enjoying being a Norwich City fan and being part of the best supporters in the country. What ever your feelings are on Delia and Gunn, enjoy the season and support the team as you always have,with pride, passion and a pasty in hand. PHAT.     [/quote]   top post
  3. have known jon for years 100% genuine.only trying to help someone  out who needed a ticket.sorry if he hasnt got 10000000000 posts .  
  4. sat 29th of september caister f.c 10.30 am kick off all welcome
  5. [quote user="Oli"] Reading through all of these posts, I couldn’t really believe all the negative tripe I was reading!!! Almost every post is negative!!! If you’re not blaming the manager your blaming the players if it’s not the players it’s the bored if it’s not the bored its something else!!!   Norwich City is a fantastic football club!!!! We have a loyal supporting bored who have backed PG well this summer!!! Of course they want us in the top flight as much as we do, but at the same time the football club is a business!!! We need to be set up well finically before we strive for the premiership again!!! Don’t forget they are Norwich fans as well!!! I wouldn’t stand up in front of 26000 fans and shout down a micro-phone, however many glasses of champagne I may have had!!   I thought on Saturday we played some excellent football!!! Some of the best I have seen us play since that dreaded day at craven cottage!!! Apart from a couple of mistakes at the back and not great judgment from PG at times, we did well. They will learn from there mistakes and only get stronger!!! We have a good squad, and have been unlucky with injuries but hopefully we will bounce back.   I am guessing this post will get a lot of criticism!!! But I strongly believe that as a club we are heading in the right direction, we just need to stick together!!!   Come on you yellows!!! [/quote]   top post.cant belive people on here really think the board are going to sack grant,the season we went up we were in pretty much the same position as we ar enow.teams dont gel over night.everyone stop panicking,get behind the team through thick and thin,too much expectation.we have come a long way in a short space of time.
  6. sod them,clubs better off with out them. CITY TILL I DIE!
  7. russells been probaly our best player so far!!
  8. top post.what also annoys me is that people slag grant off but he has,got rid of hangers on in the backroom staff(livermoore,webb).gave youth a chance and loaned youth to get experiance.he has gt rid of players who should of went ages ago.(thorne,hendo etc)he speaks his mind(if we''re c*rap  he says wer''e cr*ap).he slagged the fans off but i think he as right,the atmosphere at cr is somewhat poor(1-0 up in tha last min the ground should be buzzing),last season was probaly one of  the poorest atmosphres for a while especially away(all people seem to do was shout shooooot every time safri got inm t he opponents half or done that stupid clap thing for that idiot hugues),i no we were doing poor but its the fans who make it.its the first time in ages im looking forward to a season,give the man a chance!!!have seen a lot worse managers and squads and never remember seeing this amount of negetivity keep the faith otbc
  9. how many are going to preston ,barnsley cardiff etc or was there really that many glory boys there? support your team not just in a big game where u have the chance to don facepaint and get on tv   rant over
  10. top site top lads updated daily proper chat for proper fans. for a different match report on  norwich and england vist www.yarmouthyellows.co.uk
  11. http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/wewantourderbyback
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