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  1. Apparently the game has been picked for international broadcast, so that's why it's audio only for us abroad
  2. Isn''t it always the same player on repeat before moving on to the next? Like they do a big interview and the just sprinkle the content over a month. Maybe Surman just drew press duty for February
  3. Askou recently had an interview with a Danish online newspaper stating, that though he''s happy about his stay at Norwich:"I''d like to go to a place with a bit more perspective. Time will tell if it''s here or somewhere else, but obviously when you haven''t been playing much, then you''re looking at options" and add that a change of clubs could be an option in January.
  4. His comment to a Danish newspaper a few days ago when asked about getting a contract abroad again: "Of course I dream about that. Norwich just didn''t fit me. The way they played football was very primitive and under such conditions I don''t think you could develop as a young footballer". http://spn.dk/fodbold/superliga/brondby/article1957405.ece (Danish)
  5. The newspaper over here has comments from his agent and from Brøndby stating that they expect him to start in Brøndby within a few days and that everything has been agreed between the parties involved. He''s supposedly back in Norwich these days to pack. Looks pretty much done and dusted. He''s signing a 1½ years contract, but there''s no indication mention of the transfer fee anywhere.
  6. The article actually says "a further £1.1 m", so that would bring the total price close to £1.4m
  7. Take a look at the official site then. They have 13 names listed :)
  8. Anybody know if it''s possible to bet on reserve games anywere? Could be quite handy sometimes when it''s half the first team squad playing :)
  9. The players get their share, sure. But didn''t promotion also allow the club to spend: £5m on players £2.8m on the Norwich Union Community Stand £700,000 on a re-laid pitch, £260,000 on new offices for the Football in the Community team and £140,000 on improved facilities at Colney training ground. All while still making a small profit? (disregarding the "accounting quirk"). Being in the premiership may not be the land of milk and honey where it rains with free money that it''s often painted to be - but it still beats being in the Championship.
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