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  1. Back to topic - maybe GR feels that a good centre half will keep us in the Championship - where a good winger won''t . I am not a GR supporter just my thoughts
  2. Absolutely no contest - step forward Mr Trevor Hockey for those old enough to remember !! Made Roy Keane look like a child minder.
  3. How many of you would have bought your season tickets if you knew then what you know now ? Myself i am really frustrated and feel let down,
  4. Just visited Sky Sports News site, and being announced that striker from Burnley being loaned to Rosenbourg - possibly free- ing up Iversen to move. Loan has been finalised for Burnley player not a rumour and may fit our timescale for getting a striker in .
  5. Cushions being thrown at the players and officials when the inhabitant''s of the Main Stand were not Pleased , or at the end of a game after a bad performance. Fans placing ballons in the centre circle - only for opposing fans to run on and burst them. Bernie Paterzalt
  6. Just finished reading the book, a fasinating insight to the inner working''s of a football club, and it''s going''s on. A bit dark and depressing in places but will make for a superb film,
  7. How about the fact he just might be wearing a yellow shirt giving his best for the side.If he sign''s and he hasn''t kicked a ball yet judge him on what he does on the pitch and give him a chance,after all didn''t the crowd give Matty Patterson a standing ovation 3 day''s after a proven drink driving offence.
  8. Just to clear up my point on original thread, "For the pc among you don''t even bother " comment, I put it in because i knew somebody would probably have a lot to say about KK''s actions to put it in to context, that''s how it was and how the game was played was it better for it ? Not sure ,but there was certainly no rolling around the pitch as if the player had just had a limb torn from his body ! sorry off topic for a moment but in my eye''s player''s doing that amount''s to cheating. If KK had repeated those actions today if the FA hadn,t taken action then some PC Numpty in the crowd would have claimed to have been disturbed by the incident.
  9. Arthur can you remember Mr Fussy the referee ?
  10. B#llo#ks.................sorry couldn''t resist that
  11. It''s Friday im bored , judging by  others comments you all feel the same.Soooooooooooooooooooo what''s your favourite moment at Carrow Rd Past or Present, Mine would be when we played Northampton and they had a really nasty little forward called Frank Large who kicked anything that moved and if it did''nt move kicked it until it did. Anyway late in the game he followed through on Keelan kicking him in the head, no foul say''s the ref Keelan kicks the ball up field Large trot''s away Keelan tap''s him on the shoulder and Lamps him with a right hook. Large is out before he hit''s the ground without waiting for the ref Keelan takes off his shirt and walk''s off. Priceless.and for the pc among you don''t even bother. 
  12. Great new''s yesterday and let''s hope for more soon,however i''m a little concerned about GR''s comment " We may have to wait until the end of the summer transfer window for the 5/6 loan player''s" That is far as i am aware is 31st August - almost a month into the season , I realise that''s where we are as a club, but i believe a good start is pivotal to a good season and we might effectively be going into it 5 players short.
  13. The rule change is due to people like Neil Warnock who started with multi-ball then when Sheff Utd scored,all the football''s dissapeared as did the ballboys,I like it and it frequently catches out sides who don''t regularly play it.
  14. While we wait for our 1st signing of the season just to past the time who is the best foreign player you''ve seen at Carrow Rd, he could have played for / against us.Mine would be Eric Cantona I can remember him beating player''s in the penalty area, dribbling the ball to within a foot of Gunny''s line and then he turned and passed it to someone on the 18 yard line i should mention it was Gunny''s testimonial.I am no United fan but hat''s off to Fergie has he played his 1st XI for 30mins.
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