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  1. Chaps,   It''s fine. Fulham (cos there support is rubbish) operate a neutral area. Tickets are on sale now. The area is next to the Norwich away end. Fulham fans reckon there hasn''t been any trouble from it! They''ve sold loads of tickets already to Norwich fans. Should be a fun day out. Hopefully a win to keep us up.   OTBC
  2. Neutral area being invaded by canaries. See ya there.... http://www.wayahead.com/fulham/groundmapdb99.asp?showcode=136996&gas=NORWICH%20CITY&filler1=fulhamfc&filler3=
  3. To the tune of that song that some English fans sing about buying a flute for 50p, the Pope and the IRA.... Adapted from the song we were singing in Portugal about Rooney... "I saw my mate, the other day, I said to him we''ve found the ginger pele! He said to me,well who is he, so I said to him, his name is "Doc-arty! Nah na nah nah, nah na nah naha, na na na na nah na nah!" ;>D
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