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  1. Cannot remember him doing anything apart from running about closing people down .I heard its gone past 19 hours since scoring that 8.5million goal at the start of the season .how long can we carry him for ,hooper has to start from now on . What is longest goal drought for a striker in the premier league? Will he brake it?
  2. How long can this team carry rvw has done nothing to justify his fee we paid .cannot hold the ball up cannot run past players I just cannot see him turning into the striker we so need.hooper has to start from now on and maybe becchio why not he cannot be any worse .I do like rvw closing down and energy but its about creating and scoring where as a striker you will be judged. Otbc
  3. my man of the match Leroy fer by a mile what a player,hooper took his goals very well.could not retain possession in the second half which was the main problem of the second half.just wished the wolf could have had more chances to prove himself
  4. we need a left back for sure and i would go for liam.ridgewell from wba also worked with hughton at blues but sold him so dont know if he wanted to sell him or he had too.i would pay up to 3million for him can play cb as well and has played lots of prem games.jamie mackie from qpr for up to 4million.the rest of the money to be spent on a very good young loan signing or a 19 year old brazilian we could sell on in a years time for 50million
  5. I was hoping for a big screen to be put up infront of the hotel so we can watch replay of goals and the hawkeye replay and the f.a could pay for it .But if we have to pay no chance.
  6. w.b.a s  biggest earner on 40k aweek and is after the same again .good solid player though but getting slower ever time i see him play ,would not mind him signing for us but think theres better value players out there.
  7. ive put 2 teams in i hope thats not cheating 1 under my name and 1 under my wifes.I done 2 teams in the premier leauge one you just need an other email address and its free.Everyone should do a team just to win some money off the sun for writing dribble  lies and crap.good luck everyone otbc
  8. If we play villa on the 8th game of the season and weve had a good start to the season we will applaud  and not boo.If we have had a bad start we will blame him and therefore take it out on him .The villa games should be treated as must win at all cost games for next season  and just spices up our premier campain for next season otbc
  9. if the look for a new manager would have gone on for as long as the west brom job has i would have been worried.But we can all enjoy our summer and look forward to a entertaining premier campaign great appointment otbc
  10. i think you could say all the players have stepped up really well and if i had to pick one out it would be grant holt at the start of the season i was worried about the left back tierney but hes done great and would come in a close second
  11. to top off a great season so far would love for us to beat a top 6 side.I would swap 8 place for 14 as long as we beat a so called big side and carried that into next season .I know we could finish 8 and beat a top side and i hope we do but this is like supporting roy of the rovers stuff these days can it get any better than this happy days ?
  12. have just heard stoke have paid 1.2 million for him.I have allways rated him cos he always seems to score against us apart from that hes a great defender, why have palace let him go we should have been in there for him ,one thats got away
  13. just wondering how many city fans live in the midlands and how many go to games.i,ve been a city fan all my life surrounded by w.b.a wolves and birmingham fans.i go to the local games but have not been to carrow road for 2 seasons cos just got married and have a baby on the way so i don,t think i will be going much this year.i would like to find more city fans in my area if your local my email is ncfcmik@yahoo.co.uk it would be nice to speak to fans in the same position as me ON THE BALL CITY COME ON ENGLAND
  14. im fed up with the rubbish match live on the norwich web site does anybody know any way of getting live comentry any other way i live in the midlands and cannot get any local norwich radio stations
  15. i like elevation by u2 after all it what we want the team to do.there irish and dont stand a chance we will probaly end up with the proclamers or some bag piper skirt wearer ginger beard porrige eating band with a tune we have never heard of.on the ball city
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