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  1. Carl, you''re bang out of order. Can do without comments like that. I am a Liverpool supporter myself, and wish Norwich all the best next season. Great city and very friendly people. The buzz round the city was fantastic with the promotion last season. Liverpool have under achieved in recent times, and coming on here boasting that they will murder a newly promoted team that can''t compete with them in terms of financial muscle doesn''t make you look very intelligent. Stupid in fact. Besides, Liverpool don''t have the best of records against teams most people would expect them to beat. On the day, it''s whoever wants it more and plays as a team.
  2. Now now Susie B. There''s not a hope in hell of Norwich beating Liverpool, and I''m willing to put money on it. Saying that, I''d still like to see Norwich do well next year (so I''m happy if we beat you 1-0 each time), but I can''t have Norwich interfering in Liverpools domination of all competitions. May the force be with you (from the dark side!).
  3. I think Mr Wenger has been very reasonable when it comes to Bentley. Afterall, he allowed him to keep his stupid haircut at the start of the season. Headmaster Wenger should have sent him home and a letter to his parents! While I''m at it, Huckerby needs to sort it out. A good "short back and sides" wouldn''t do any harm.
  4. Susie b, Just watching the news, and how everyone''s going on about kids being obese. Well, I was huge as a kid. I was the entire front row when we played rugby. Didn''t need a wall to block the free kicks at football - that was me. Leg before wicket - more like belly before wicket. Didn''t need a heavy roller on the wicket when they had me. 100 metre sprint was more like a marathon. From my peak of 16.5 stone at 16 yrs of age, I''m now down to 13. Fatboy slim is the name I''ve given myself. The other alternative was Roland - the fat kid out of Grange Hill.
  5. Just watching it at the moment, and come to think of, Delia is an angel compared to Ramsay. He''s awful. F word every other sentence. But maybe he could be used by Worthy next season when the hair dryer treatment may be called for.
  6. It''s just not cricket! I would have liked to have seen the bill Delia presented to the cricket club for the food. I hope this sort wasting of money isn''t a sign of things to come for next year in the Premiership? Next she''ll be saying that when the restaurant gets busy down at Carrow Road, she pops up to Sainsbury''s to get a few ready meals. Maybe she should get Gordon Ramsay in to show her how to do things properly - with his experience he may be able to advise on footballing matters also.
  7. Good money after bad if you ask me. There''ll be another appeal in a few months time, and then another, and again. Same old story. Make an appeal to the players - if they aren''t performing, they should pay the penalties. Even with all of Bradfords troubles, I bet they still get silly amounts of money, compared to the rest of us.
  8. How much would City be willing to pay for Crouch? Anything over £1.5 million could be too much for a player who has potential, but hasn''t yet started to knock ''em in.
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