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  1. https://www.thelondoneconomic.com/politics/welcome-to-brexit-sir-customs-officials-confiscate-ham-sandwiches-at-dutch-border/11/01/ "“Welcome to Brexit, sir”: Customs officials confiscate ham sandwiches at Dutch border" Seems the Lorry driver didn't heed the warnings about unlicensed meat products. Yep! what a fine thing Brexit is, and what a wonderful deal the Tories secured. Morons!
  2. If ever an act justified impeachment, it is the sitting president inciting a mob to attempt an insurrection at the very seat of government. While I understand that this will undoubtedly infuriate Trump's die-hard deplorables, and potentially encourage them to riot, it seems to me far more dangerous in the long-term to let this act pass without the president being held to account. The US cannot allow their justiice system to be held to ransom by threats of violence from a lawless mob. And certainly no president can be allowed to make use of such a lawless mob in order to subvert the democratic process. For the sake of continued democratic government I can see no other option but to impeach the president if the Republican Party continues to refuse to remove him from office. There simply have to be substantive consequences delivered to a president who has behaved in the way Trump has done.
  3. You couldn't make up the stupidity of Moy; forget the blatant lies for a moment and just compare these two contradictory statements made in a matter of minutes: "nobody will know who performed best until this is over" "it is pretty clear that we will have herd immunity while others are still suffering devastating numbers of deaths for months longer than us" And the buffoon has the laughable audacity to say to BF, "you are being stupid as usual, and not applying commonsense logic or balance" For your information Moy, one of the laws of logic is the law of non-contradiction, a law you breach with alarming frequency. So I suggest you don't cite logic in a criticism of others when you offend its fundamental principles so flagrantly. And as for "commonsense" and "balance", I'm assuming you do at least have a hightened sense of irony.
  4. So you don't want to reaffirm your lies about an EU "central soviet dictatorship" then? And now you can only find 2 countires in the EU with a worse rate of deaths per million. And when you claimed categorically that, "Inefficiency and bureaucracy are endemic and willl [sic] cause many extra deaths, while we developed our own vaccine and will have herd immunity many months before them", you now want to claim conditionally, "nobody will know who performed best until this is over" You really are an utter joke. And BTW it certainly is not rude to describe your xenophobic and racist lies as morally repugnant and utterly ignorant. That's exactly what they are.
  5. Oh dear Donald! Seems your incitement to insurrection and direct assault on American democracy is going to cost you dear; I suspect there is much more of this to come to add to your hundreds of millions of debt: https://www.businessinsider.com/pga-pulls-2022-championships-from-trumps-nj-golf-course-2021-1?r=US&IR=T
  6. https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/news/north-east/2801383/its-like-a-motorway-crash-urgent-meeting-sought-to-resolve-brexit-mess-which-has-left-fishing-industry-suffering-huge-losses/ ‘It’s like a motorway crash’: Urgent meeting sought to resolve Brexit mess which has left fishing industry suffering huge losses
  7. Morally repugnant and utterly ignorant. You clearly haven't understood any of the facts relating to numbers of Covid deaths and rates of infection if you are genuinely trying to claim that the UK has performed better than other european countries during the pandemic. I suggest you take a look at any of the Covid tables freely available, they really aren't that difficult to interpret. And since you are so wantonly ignorant it shocks me that I have to point out that each EU country determines its own Covid strategy; there is NO central EU covid strategy that applies to all. So I can only assume that your false and facetious comments about a "centralised socialist dictatorship" and "EUSSR" are nothing more than a demonstration of your sad and egregious deep-seated xenophobia and racism. You really do plumb the depths of the very worst in disingenuous twisting of facts to suit an agenda of hatred.
  8. https://dailybusinessgroup.co.uk/2021/01/brexit-chaos-likely-to-get-worse-say-industry-chiefs/ Seems industry chiefs don't entertain the same wild optimism that some of the uninformed brexiteers indulge in.
  9. Just discovered the moment when Fox news first put their station at the service of Trump.
  10. Exactly! Just more "Project La-la Land" from Brexiteers desperate to find at least one benefit of the shi*te deal with which they have burdened the country. And I suspect we ain't seen nothing yet.
  11. Thanks! splendid speech from Arnie. He'll be back, Trump won't.
  12. Watch this and then watch Sky News documentary "Hotspots: Global Pandemic". If you continue to think that the Government haven't failed miserably after that then I suggest you need serious help.
  13. Who would have thunk it? https://www.msn.com/en-gb/money/other/gavin-williamson-accused-of-chumocracy-over-laptop-deal-for-tory-donor/ar-BB1cC3ja?ocid=msedgdhp "Embattled Education Secretary Gavin Williamson has been accused of running a “chumocracy” after laptop contracts went to a Tory donor’s firm. The job of supplying home-learning pupils has fallen to Computacenter. The Hertfordshire-based firm was founded by Sir Philip Hulme, who gave £100,000 to the Tories. It follows a £96million deal the firm got last year without competitive tender."
  14. You seem to forget that he sued the club, and did everything he could to unsettle Hoolahan when he wanted to steal him for Villa. And let's not even mention his disgraceful behaviour on the touchline when Ipswich arrived for their ritual humiliation (too late, mentioned it!) So while it's true that we owe him some gratitude for what he did in those promotion winning seasons, he has done a lot subsequently to invite the disapprobation he frequently recieves on these pages (although it should be noted he recieves a lot more vitriolic abuse on the TWTD pages).
  15. So quite a few arrests now and all of the crimminals have well established right-wing social media profiles. So I'm assuming that all those Republican Party politicians who spread the blatant lies about it being an "antifa" plot will do the decent thing and resign. https://edition.cnn.com/2021/01/07/politics/capitol-antifa-infiltration-fact-check/index.html
  16. Exactly! I take it that Michael Gove now believes he was wrong when he said: "The weight of evidence now shows the risks neonicotinoids pose to our environment, particularly to the bees and other pollinators which play such a key part in our £100bn food industry, is greater than previously understood … We cannot afford to put our pollinator populations at risk." https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/jan/09/pesticide-believed-kill-bees-authorised-use-england-eu-farmers?fbclid=IwAR2JmpSQjaAA0UN3evgHRlxv9zEmYFE8kgnof_lLOWKN-p0bfLojQOfF248 But I suppose protecting the sugar industry is far more important. I mean it's not as if it's a major contributor to the development of an obesity and diabetes crisis costing the NHS £billions .... is it?
  17. Their brazen illegality committed with virtually no attempt to disguise their identities demonstrates very clearly how much the far right believed that under Trump's presidency they would be untouchable. From Charlottesville onwards they have literally got away with murder and assumed their insurrection would likewise go unpunished. But they forgot to factor in that Trump is now a lame duck, and the reality is that the lame duck don't give a fu*ck about this bunch of deplorables now they are of no use to him.
  18. And so the bonfire of standards is started: https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/government-to-let-farmers-use-bee-killing-pesticide-banned-in-eu/ar-BB1cAHX7?ocid=msedgntp I guess the Brexiteers will have to remove "Jerusalem" from their list of patriotic hymns.
  19. A team that many championship sides would be happy to turn out in the league.
  20. Blimey! and there was me thinking that Liz Truss was a genius negotiator and paragon of truth telling. I'm truly shocked.
  21. FFS how childish and naive can you get. Postal votes have exactly the same status as any other vote. They have been used in the US since the civil war. Of course we all know what your real agenda is which is to stop Democrat supporters voting, because it has always been clear that Democrat voters are far more aware of covid dangers and more likely to use postal ballots as a result. So of course it's true that if you stopped Democrats voting then Trump wins. Sadly for you that's illegal as every one of the 60 or so court judgements made very clear. And equally sadly for you the USA remains a democracy and not a dictatorship. And as for your utter rubbish about freedom of speech, even school children can grasp that freedom of speech is conditional and not absolute. Are you really so ignorant as to require this to be pointed out? There is no freedom of speech to slander, libel, incite violence or incite murder etc, etc. Freedom of speech is inextricably tied to the rule of law, that's how democracies work. The "dark place" you speak of is clearly located between your left and right ears.
  22. Remind me Herman, did we have any such restriction on trade with Japan when we were in the single market? I.e before our great new "Free tade deal" as a sovereign nation.
  23. Do you think Jake will get to wear his favourite get-up when he's in prison? I get the feeling some of his fellow in-mates would find that rather horny in more ways than explicitly evident
  24. Toby Young's Freedom of Speech Union outed as nothing more than a right wing campaign group that advocates anything but the freedom of speech if your views don't cohere with his RW agenda: https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/students-quit-free-speech-campaign-over-role-of-toby-young-founded-group/ar-BB1cBag3?ocid=msedgntp When a group of student activists were recruited to create a freedom of expression campaign, they were optimistic that their wide-ranging views could be part of its mission “to get all young people enthusiastic about free speech”. The reality of the Free Speech Youth Advisory Board, they say, was rather different. Instead of finding a forum for their hopes of opposing repressive regimes and helping minority voices to get heard, they claim that they were censured if they disagreed with the group’s right-of-centre orthodoxy. And they say they were dismayed to realise that the supposedly grassroots project appeared to be an “astroturfed” front for Toby Young’s controversial pressure group, the Free Speech Union (FSU).
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