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  1. They claim they did it because they had been chasing the cow for hours. How long does it take to call up a vet with a tranquiliser dart?
  2. I guess you haven't followed European politics since WWII. PR has NOT prevented systemic corruption (often much worse than we've seen in the UK). PR has led to extremist parties having influence way beyond what their electoral vote justifies. PR has often led to sclerotic inaction (The Belgians were without a government for over a year as the various parties exploited PR to trade for the best self-interested deal). In principle I'm actually in favour of PR. In practice I see no evidence that there has been a system implemented in Europe that is an improvement on what we have. I'd rather see PR introduced for a new democratically elected second chamber to replace the Lords.
  3. Brilliant! https://x.com/RedWoodyLFC/status/1801982192819540293
  4. Not one person has said that, and I guarantee that no one on here would be stupid enough to think that. Your typical tactic of lying about what others have said or think so you can spew out more of your tripe.
  5. It would be nice to think that a certain minority fans will have learnt something from Adam Idah's recent comments. Hopefully All of us will get behind the lad when he dons the yellow shirt.
  6. Get rid of the Royal honours list completely (An absurdity in a democracy), and replace the other honours lists with the award of 10 "medal(s) of national honour" in an annual ceremony, where the achievements of those 10 individuals can be properly identified and celebrated. No anachronistic titles, no ennobling lackies and grifters into an unelected second chamber, no awards for celebrities (sporting, acting, or otherwise) who are already recognised in a plethora of industry awards. Just 10 people a year recognised for the outstanding contribution they have made to society.
  7. I've long thought there ought to be a category of businesses that should be identified as having something like a "significant public and cultural impact status" that imposes legally binding restrictions and duties. Football clubs would be a very good example. Football clubs clearly have a massive cultural significance for their local area, that ought to invoke restrictions on owners and their behaviour. How many times have we seen clubs exploited by an owner with no connection to the area, with no interest in the club's fortunes other than to strip of it assets, bankrupt it, and leave the local community devastated.
  8. If there is to be an honours system then Alan bates is absolutely the right person to be awarded a knighthood. Without his astonishing resilience and perseverance one of the greatest miscarriages of justice and systematic corporate fraud would have remained covered up forever by powerful establishment figures. He is one of a very few knighted individuals I would certainly refer to as "Sir" (compare Rees-Bogg). I hope he has a wonderful day receiving his honour, and uses it to pursue justice for every single one of the postmasters so horribly wronged. It's just a shame that these lists of honours are now transparently an exercise in deception in order to keep a corrupt honours system going. They always manage to find at least one very deserving person to dominate all the headlines in order to smuggle through a host of undeserving political party donors, hacks, establishment cronies, and others who have clearly "paid" for their award. Time to scrap the honours system as we know it. As the saying goes, virtue is its own reward.
  9. https://x.com/doctor_oxford/status/1801898511837089908
  10. One of the things about a general election campaign is the opportunity it affords to point out irony and hypocrisy. I take it as uncontroversial to suggest that current Reform UK Ltd supporters would have been at the forefront of those who would have ridiculed the 2019 Labour manifesto as unaffordable. Thus I invite any Reform UK Ltd supporter on this site to defend the fantasy list of pledges that way exceeds the costs of anything Corbyn promised.
  11. Indeed! Russia interfered in the Brexit referendum in favour of Farage, and are doing so yet again. Farage is a major Russian conduit for disrupting UK politics, and it is no surprise at all that Farage described Putin as the world leader he "most admired" above all others (something he said AFTER Russia had invaded the sovereign territory of Ukraine, Crimea). Your suspicion about the "blue tick" accounts on twitter are well founded. I have posted about that issue on twitter myself. Blue tick accounts were virtually the exclusive reserve of celebrities with 100,000+ followers. Now there seem to be tens of thousands of blue tick accounts with followers counted in their tens, and all of whom are supportive of far right (typically Reform UK Ltd) policies. Coincidence? Not remotely.
  12. Seems Trump finally found a case of a dead person voting https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/donald-trump-said-joan-rivers-voted-for-him-in-2016-she-died-in-2014/ar-BB1ofFcy?ocid=msedgntp&pc=LCTS&cvid=3ab33e3c042244a2b2317dc4df248afb&ei=4 Donald Trump said Joan Rivers voted for him in 2016. She died in 2014
  13. Absolutely! Sonyc adds genuine depth and wisdom to this site. He also manages to make his points more politely than I manage, and can be relied upon to raise the tone and quality of debate. Well said Daz!
  14. I thought penalty takers were not allowed to stop in their run up. Has that rule changed again?
  15. A useful site to keep up to date with the transfer ins and outs of our competitors https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/13152915/transfer-news-summer-transfer-window-2024-championship-ins-and-outs
  16. More eloquently explained than any words might achieve
  17. A reminder that the importance of a football club extends well beyond the 90 minutes https://www.thedrum.com/news/2024/06/13/the-drum-awards-marketing-emea-2024-winners-revealed
  18. As much as it hurts, the best option for us is to sell Rowe. He should command the highest fee, and we have a ready made replacement already in the building in Kamara.
  19. I'm happy to say I don't share your pessimism. 1. The UK has an interesting record of moving in the opposite political direction to Europe (e.g. Thatcher) 2. Reform UK Ltd relies heavily on the (admittedly perverse) draw of Nigel Farage. As he demonstrated at the beginning of this campaign his commitment to UK politics is paper thin; having said he believed getting his rapist mate elected as president was much more important than the UK election. His commitment to ANY cause corresponds entirely to his calculation of the personal advantage it will afford him. Let's assume he gets elected in Clacton. The idea he would be happy to throw his lot in as a hardworking backbench MP is for the birds. He has already made it pretty clear that he sees Reform UK Ltd as nothing more than an entryist route into becoming leader of the Tory Party. However, he is despised by much of the Tory Party, only finding support among the far right loons most likely to be voted out on July 4th. He will rapidly lose interest and spend his time in pursuit of more lucrative entertainment. He's getting old, and is getting impatient to fill his pockets. 3. Reform UK Ltd is likely to collapse under increased public scrutiny. The party is largely populated by bigoted ne'er-do-wells, as is being evidenced by the increasing number of their candidates being exposed as repugnant extremists of various kinds. 4. The current list of pledges made by Reform UK Ltd are pure economic fantasy that will be exposed as such as soon as their manifesto is published. Somehow they manage to outdo the lunacy of Trussonomics. 5. There is simply no recognisable political talent within Reform UK. When you have to resort to dragging out Anne Widdecombe from the grave then you are in deep trouble. Have you seen the average age of a Reform UK meeting? 6. Reform UK Ltd is just yet another reformulation of previous incarnations of single issue pressure groups (UKIP, Brexit Party). Now we are out of the EU this particular version is focussed upon Immigration as the cause of all our woes. It is utter BS of course, and like UKIP and the Brexit Party has no coherent political vision for running the country. I could go on, but I'm sure you get my drift.
  20. I missed that one. But I'm prepared to speculate that it will involve one, some, or all of the following: Racism Anti-Semitism Misogyny
  21. Indeed, I would agree. But the point of any further outgoings (after we have already released the "dead wood") is to raise serious money to enable transfers in to the squad. McLean would not command a fee significant enough to compensate for the loss of his experience, influence, and ability.
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