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  1. I''ve been thinking about our transfer funds and i''m confused.  The money currently in the transfer kitty has been in effect raised by the fans. But... We were after a striker before the end of the last transfer window, but failed (i.e. Scrowscroft was heavily mentioned by worthy).  As far as I remember, this was before the £1.2m was "raised" by the fans. How was the board planning to buy the striker(s)? I know we got Doc, but I''m pretty sure Worthy said after we bought Doc he still wanted a striker. Whats happened to the Malky money? Its not a lot, but I think it was around £350k? Why hasn''t this been added on to Worthys kitty? Also... Why have we only spent a couple of million of promotion money on transfer fees? I know we have debts, money spent doesn''t include wages and we have to be frugal, but a couple of million is ridiculous! This season is unique in that the points needed for survival will likely be very very small... usually teams need over 40, but this year it''ll probably be around 34pt mark Surely the board can see that and should take a slight risk... it might take another 10years to get back in the premier, so why blow it now! They could consider spending some of the "relegation" money now (ie get a loan and pay it back if we get relegated). or the likely Green money when he goes. I''m no banker, but it doesn''t make sense to me... why is the board scared of taking a small risk that has massive rewards? Even as a business, that is non-sensical. Buying Huckerby last season was a much greater risk than say buying Ashton now, but they were willing (in the end!) to do that.  I''m not expecting them to buy superstars, but giving a couple of million more to Worthy to get an actual goalscorer who would likely keep us up seems reasonable!
  2. Yep - the Docs been great and proved the boo boys wrong. But bring back Drury to replace "Bobby"? Drury has been terrible this season (granted he''s been great in the Div 1, but he hasn''t made the step up)!
  3. I did a post a couple of days ago about this... its quite a strong rumour as I''ve heard it from several places (the guy I sit next to at the ground, my brothers mate, 606 board now you). I dont believe its true, but its stange that I''ve heard it from so many places!
  4. Has anyone heard this rumour doing the rounds that Geoffrey Watling has left £5m to city? Sounds too good to be true... not sure where it started, but a mate just told me about it and someone else is talking about it in the 606 boards. Anybody know if its true? (please say yes! Might explain why we can afford to have interest in Dean Ashton all of a sudden)
  5. Would love to see Dean Ashton of crewe - he''s young and is premiership quality, but would stay with us if (when?) we got relegated. I''m sure we are planning to table a massive bid for him and Bent... we''ll probably offer a £200,000 and a Delia-made cake
  6.  1) Why was Leon taken off? Because he was the only player showing any passion and Worthy thought that may annoy the other players.  Either that or he saw Hucks wasn''t playing very well on the wing and so took of McKenzie - in his mind he thought he better not take of our star (which is insane) or our goalscorer (which is slightly less insane) 2) How badly has Holt got to play before he''s dropped? He''ll only drop Holt if he refuses a marriage proposal. Or he dies. Or if Worthy finds him cheating with another manager 3) Will we ever see Mullers the playmaker again? Nah. Worthy prefers inexperienced youngsters 4) Why did we buy Docherty? Because Worthy panicked and couldn''t get anyone else within the transfer window 5) Are Jonson & Helveg any better than what weve got? Better than McVeign and Eddy?!? Think Jonson is a good player... we just haven''t seen it (why isn''t Worthy telling the press that Jonson and "I''m getting some more money before I retire" Helveg need to try harder?!?) 6) Why didnt the board give Worthy enough money in August to buy some premiership players? Because they have no ambition - they think we will be a Championship side this time next year and don''t want to waste money. And because of their lack of support, I think they may be right. 7) If they give him some money in January will be too late to turn it around? Don''t think it would be too late, but who would want to come to a side that looks like it would get relegated? No-one (Darren Bent - please! why leave a club on course for promotion to a club that looks like they will be relegated) 8) Do the board want us to stay in the Premiership? The board want to make money, so they don''t care (but in the premiership we have to buy better players, thus more costs) 9) Is everyone on here feeling as fed up as me tonight? Yep 10) How many glasses of wine do I need to drink before todays game becomes just another distant memory?   5 might do it, but theres always Soccer AM to remind you tomorrow. I personally prefer pint glasses of Vodka and coke, like what I''m drinking.
  7. I totally agree with King of Latvia. To those who say we have no money, surely we have a lot more money to spend than we have spent so far. I''m no business man, but nobody thought we would get promoted last season and I expect we had financially planned to be a Championship side this time last year.  Why aren''t we, within reason, treating the promotion money as a bonus!!! Quite frankly, I wish the board of directors would stop assuming we will be a championship side next season and actually have a little bit of ambition.
  8. green---9 edworthy---7   fleming---7    charlton---5   drury---4 jonson---5   holt---4   francis---8    huckerby---4 leon---7   svensson---7 subs hendo---3 mcveigh---5 Thought Green didn''t do anything wrong and made some fine saves in the first half. Eddy and flemming were reliable as ever. Charlton never seems strong enough to me (so I always get nervous when he''s on the ball). I thought Drury had a bad game (seemed out of position half the time and wasn''t marking the guy that crossed for the goal) Usual performances from Jonson and holt (i.e. not premiership quality). Francis was excellent again.  Hucks didn''t seem interested (he looked really unfit) and the fullback had him in his pocket. Never tracked back (maybe this is why I thought Drury had a bad game). Unfortunately we need him on the top form all the time, since he''s our star and today was his worst performance of the season. Leon put a lot of effort in without doing much and Svensson didn''t seem to do much apart from the goal of course! Never rated Hendo and thought it was an insane substitution from Worty (why didnt he bring on bring on McVeigh!!!!!!!!). Hendo''s either not ready or he just ain''t good enough. Didn''t think McVeigh had enough time to get into the game, though I do think he should start next week
  9. How can we be worse than last season???? Lets look at the players brought in: Bentley - overated, can''t even get on the bench Doc - overated, can''t get in the team Jonson - rubbish and cost quite a bit Helveg - rubbish and can''t get in the team Safri - is he injured or something? can''t even get on the bench at the moment (from what I''ve seen I he''s pretty good). Charlton - the best buy, but he is not physically big enough for the premiership. Now lets look at some of the players Hucks - was absolutely rubbish today, but worthy didn''t dare take him off (been good for most of the season though) Drury - best left back outside the premiership... but worst in it? Just hasn''t made the step up (his fault for the goal today) Holt - must be worthingtons lover... its the only explanation Flem - been good overal Eddy - been excellent Green - been excellent (ignore the Man City game!) Francis - been amazing - player of the season by far. McKenzie - trys really hard and shouldn''t have been taken off today, but don''t think he''s good enough Sven - same as Leon Doesn''t everyone agree that its pretty worrying that Henderson can get 45mins in the premiership considering he couldn''t get a game last season since we were playing so well... he may be alright in the reserves, but this isn''t a time to test things out.  It''s not like he''s ever been some wonderkid.  If Jonson was having another rubbish game, why didn''t he bring on Mcveigh?!? At least he has scored this season. And why are we playing so deep - we took the lead today and then decided to defend the lead, against ten men... and blackburn are bottom. BOTTOM!!! We couldn''t beat the worst team in the league, even though they only had 10 men. There are a lot of players who have had a massive dip in form recently, but nothing happens to them... why aren''t players like Holt being dropped? Will Worthington actually change the team next week? He should, since we were rubbish today. I think we need a new midfielder, a stronger defender and a new striker... but I just can''t see the board strumping up the cash You''ve also got to think in January we will be in the bottom 3 (unless something amazing happens) - would Bent really want to come to Norwich by then? who would want to go to a team who look As you can probably tell, I''m pretty angry after todays result - no passion, no pride and Worthington has totally lost the plot
  10. errmmm... did you go to the game today or just watch some highlights?!?  Yes Holty hit the crossbar, but for the rest of the game he looked really poor, giving the ball away, getting out of position, allow the pompy players to go past him and most importantly he didn''t seem to be alert (hucks through ball anyone?) In my opinion he was the worst NCFC player on the pitch - that probably sounds harsh, but personally thought we really played well today and deserved more than a point. On a side note, I know Mark Lawrenson is a bit of an idiot sometimes, but he highlighted on MOTD that our main probably is our defensive midfield play - and look whos our natural defensive midfielder everyone! Starting to think in January we need a really good battling midfielder, not a striker.
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