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  1. As a blue myself I see no logic in this, I'm the first to admit we are currently bloody awful and if we played you tomorrow we would be lucky to lose by at least 3 goals, the point is though that we all love a local Derby, first game we all look for (when we're in the same division) and whilst we both loath each other I would never want yourselves, or any team to go belly up!
  2. Bit of a contrast, sir Bobby Robson in the 80s and the lotto lout about 10 years ago in a bookies in Dereham!
  3. The whole thing is a total mess, as a Ipswich lad I think the season should be completed but not for the reason you think, I still have a gut feeling you will stay up, it's just going to be so many legal cases if they end it early, solicitors will be rubbing there hands in joy at this situation! What happens to the money that went out this season if its null and void? Teams return it? Go without next season as technically they have been paid?
  4. I'm going to put my head up from under the water and say I'm a blue, we are in a dreadful state, there is no stability and little sign of improvement, yes, we have our history but it's time that many moved on from it as its the present that is important, for what it's worth there is little chance of us making the play offs and I still have a horrible thought that you might stay up, even if you do go down at least you have the stability to come back! Also unlike most of our fans I never wanted big mick out, bloke performed miracles with the budget he had!
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