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  1. French Ligue 1 has PSG crowned as champions and Toulouse and Amiens relegated after league positions calculated on points per game. Amiens won't be happy as 4 points adrift with 10 to play.
  2. Who pays? Sky would only pay for one year. Supporters would only pay for one year but players and all other employees of the clubs would need to be paid for the complete period. A massive hole in the finances of all clubs would spell disaster for many of them. Sadly I don't have a solution but I guess it will be based on whichever option is most cost effective for the Premier League. Actually, thinking about it there must already be a plan in place because I'm sure the Premier League's lawyers would have taken such eventualities into account when drawing up the rules.
  3. Cup for me. Unlike other seasons we seem to have a plan in place which allows for relegation without putting the club at risk. I quite enjoy being a yo-yo team and it would of course mean we can have a star on our shirts.
  4. I like trains. Far better than sitting on a coach or stuck in a traffic jam and unable to have a pint.
  5. Was hoping to hire a coach if I could find enough people willing to join me but I've had no response to that so will probably have to drive to Cheshunt. Shame, I would have thought that enough people who intend to drive would have preferred a coach.
  6. Are there other people still looking for transport to the Spurs FA Cup game from Norwich as it seems that the club are not taking any further bookings? Unable to get through to the ticket office at the moment to confirm but I can't see anything on the website. I have made some enquiries and may be able to get a coach for the trip at a cost of £23-£29 per person depending on the number of seats. Obviously I can't reserve it unless I know how many people are interested. I think another train has been put on but the cost seems to be getting on for £70 per person.
  7. Told me the same so should sort itself out.
  8. Trying to get through on the phone to query it but line is too busy.
  9. Any idea how to tell which tier a seat is in? Ticket just says 'Seat 000/0000/0000/5512'
  10. Mate bought our tickets online around 9:15 and got charged £30 per adult ticket. What's that all about?
  11. I have a ticket available for the Wolves game on Saturday as my mate cannot make the match. It is in the main stand, Castle Lounge. City supporter only!! Please PM me if interested.
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