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  1. i agree, would be good to replace OTBC with YNWA for 1 game
  2. this week every ground in the country should be chanting "justice for the 96". we play 1st lets start it off
  3. I’m not sure if I could stomach watching the game Sunday. But I think charging £5 for the privilege is so wrong. The club is profiteering from a disastrous season; if we were mid table there would be no interest in showing this game. Letting fans watch for free would have been a nice gesture.
  4. was just told he is about to sign. I was not given a date.
  5. A good source has told me that Matthew Etherington is about to sign from West Ham. A good replacement  for Hucks I think.
  6. Spot on, but you missed my favourite "what about the away fans"
  7. Grant is right, “best fans in the world” not any more. All I hear is moaning from start to finish. Why would better players want to sign for a club with such poor fans? We will be lucky if our better players want to stay! I hope most of you don’t renew your tickets, the club would be better off without you.
  8. I think people have over looked Gary McAllister, he would be  perfect for the job
  9. I would rather the moaning fans left than Worthy. With us being such a glamour club who do they think would replace him in March? We have a new team now and should give it time; it could be a good side. But we also have few poor fans that don''t seem to know much about the game. Football is a confidence game and all the moaners are doing is destroying that. After years of watching City this is the best board setup we have had, it has the best interests of the club at its centre. If ''fans'' want instant gratification maybe they should stay in on their own or follow Chelski as they seem to be more blue than yellow
  10. It seems to me Hucks only has himself to blame. he had the player beat and could of scored,but he bottled it, choose to move side ways and try to win the pen.
  11. What ever the gossip is I think we have to look at our players, at no point during training our in his pre-match talk can I imagine Worthy telling the players to perform like that
  12. Last Updated: Monday, 25 July, 2005, 07:12 GMT 08:12 UK E-mail this to a friend Printable version Lost in transition By Tim Vickery  At what point is a game of football won and lost? Late last year a conference of coaches in Brazil was debating this very topic. Former Scotland coach Andy Roxburgh, now on Uefa''s technical staff, was attending the event. He had recently discussed the subject with Jose Mourinho and he passed on the views of the Chelsea boss. While many believe that set-pieces are the decisive factor in a game, for Mourinho the key to winning lies in transitions - the moment when possession changes hands from one side to another. If the side winning the ball can quickly organise a counter-attack and if the side losing the ball are slow to re-organise their defence, then there is a good chance that the move will end in a clear goalscoring opportunity. It was a
  13. Francis Jeffers......now think worthy has lost the plot (unless he can play at the back!
  14. Louis-Jean still out can only be a good thing. You cann see why his last club went down
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