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  1. We were interested in signing CH when he was at Barnsley for around 1 million and just missed out on him at the time . Although we have plenty of creative players in our midfield, if we were to lose anybody ( although unlikely) in the current window or summer, CH would be in my opinion a great fit for us ?
  2. Teemu Van Basten You cannot compare Holt and Hoolahan whilst both were £250k & £400k respectively that wasn’t the comparison. We paid 2.5 Million for Hugill and West Ham did pay 9 million for him , Carlton had been on the fringes for us and been on loan in League 1 and is valued at 300k and I wish him well .. JH needs game time and we’ll judge him when he’s had a run in the team
  3. We can’t really judge Hugill on just a handful of appearances , especially that most of his game time has been late cameos.. However, he did come on and play well in the defeat against Derby forcing two great saves and scored the winning pen versus Rotherham.. we’ve got to give him a chance.. Carlton Morris has performed well on loan in league 1 , but he is a 300k player & that is his standard.. Jordan Hugill was signed for 9 million a couple of years ago and we have got him for a couple of million which I personally think will prove to be good business for us ..
  4. Personally speaking, we should look to strengthen in January, a couple of quality significant signings to make sure we do go all the way to promotion once again. If we achieve this , the board have got to give DF a chance next time with at least a 30 million budget, plus a couple of loans ..
  5. Long shot , but looking for Moritz Leitner shirt from 18-19 season in a medium any one of three leovegas shirts.. please pm if you would like to sell one - cheers guys ..
  6. I was very disappointed with Chris Sutton punditry on BT yesterday his comments were imo diabolical and he sung Chelsea’s praises all match .. You wouldn’t think he played for us once upon a time ago !
  7. I realise this is a bit futile but my point is that the away fans are treated too well at CR in my opinion.. When trying to get tickets for home games we are left with the dregs of the tickets nobody wants & it was my opinion that we should have a re-think about where we put the away fans and in my opinion we should put them in one of the corner areas .On reflection the upper corner - lower of the South Stand and River End would be better then if the away didn’t take their full allocation we could put them in the lower portion and free the upper for extra seats for the home fans . The South Stand would then be full to capacity of home fans ... Too late for this season but imo it should be on a future agenda..
  8. Lol Swindon I was talking about Carrow Road . Smfh !
  9. With all the problems of it seems getting tickets on the new membership scheme, I think we should have had a review of where the away fans are seated . When I got through for tickets a couple of weeks ago for the Newcastle and Chelsea games we only had wensum corner or other restricted view tickets left . My point of view is why do we put the away fans in the South Stand ? We should in my opinion put the away fans in the lower river end , end couple of blocks block and into the corner or the south stand corner top and bottom.. We could then fill the south stand to capacity and no doubt have better options on the available seats for our home games which would be better than choosing the worst places left available to sit in .
  10. I’ve been a big fan of Leitner since he first came over to us .. He looked super focused last night and was unlucky to be carded imo . However he looked assured and great quality in our midfield . I like Kenny Mc but I would pick Moritz over him as I think he will offer more of a cutting edge that we’ll need ...
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