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  1. Always consider the pie lid as separate from the rest,peel the lid away from the top and eat first this then leaves a kind of balti oyster that can be gently squeezed together allowing the actual balti to be tipped into the mouth in a controlled manner. Another thing you seem to be missing is the balloon technique style of eating,once the balti enters the mouth you then have to chew whilst pretending you are blowing up a balloon, its the chew suck blow style.
  2. He could hitch a ride with club cabbage next week.
  3. Sadly as pointed out this season is about "MONEY", there is a pot of gold at the end of the season but you have to be in it to win it. A cup run would have been too much of a distraction.
  4. I''m growing to like this odd account of mine,it makes me the wise man of the pink un and you lot the new posters you bunch of newbies(my son taught me that word).
  5. A lot of great picks this week and all so far have been considered and I have changed my mind a couple of times but I''ve settled on my final selections. Hopefully we''ll make it through to the last game on Sunday evening which (if we have made it that far) I''ve tried to make interesting with an away win selection. Many thanks to everybody for the great selection to choose from and good luck to you all with your individual picks. Good luck also to Duncan this week with his bets. Here they are.... Saturday. Arsenal v Sunderland.... Home win Motherwell v Cove Rangers.....Home win Everton v Dagenham and Redbridge.....Home win Real Madrid v Deportivo....Home win Sunday. Rangers v Cowdenbeath......Home win. Celta Vigo v Athletico Madrid.....away win Thanks to Nutty for allowing me another chance at these selections. As my own picks this season have been the kiss of death to the teams I''ve selected I''ll stay away from those above and have a Chelsea home win on Sunday please Nutty. Good luck to all.
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