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  1. ....but I feel since it''s the 1st time I''ve switched my computer on in quite a while, I feel I should post. Like everyone else with Yella ''n'' Green running through their veins, I am wetting myself with excitement at the upcoming season. The last 3 months or so, have been some what consumed by constant speculation about every single player joining our glorious club. However only a handful of these have actually joined, and after the events of the last 30 mins (in which I''ve watched the rumours on this board be updated!) I am firmly of the mind that we are a Central Defender (Mr Primus) away from being 110% ready for the challenge thats lays ahead of us. Bentley, Gallacher, Helveg, Charlton, Safri and Jonsson; all players with the qualities to help us stay in the Promise Land (some more than others though!) With the players and more importantly, the spirit we had from last season, I feel it is well within our reach to survive this season. However, we, as fans, need to play our part more than ever before. Using Pompey fans as an example, from their FA Cup game with Arsenal, where they are losing 5-0, but their fans are singing their hearts out and making more noise than they probably would if they were winning 5-0! My point is simple, it shouldn''t matter where we go, who we play, next year we should ALL, sing from start to finish and get behind the lads 110%-ALL GAME, EVERY GAME. Yes we will go through some tough periods, but that shouldn''t mean we go quiet, boo or moan. The more we get behind them, the more it will lift them. They need us as much as we need them. So SING YOUR HEARTS OUT FOR THE LADS ON THE BALL CITY!!!!
  2. NO, NO, NO, HECK, DAMN AND BLAST, NO! Surely to Huckerby(God), they can delay digging up the pitch for a week just so the real fans get pack into Carrow road on may 10th and watch the team they worship, lift their first trophy in 19 years. I say we don''t let up on this, I want to see the trophy lifted at CR, not on city hall, with people who have no idea who''s who, standing there. We cannot allow this to happen. We must act. A barrage of emails and phone calls must be aimed at the club, so our voices are heard. DON''T JUST SIT THERE-DO SOMETHING!! ON THE BALL CITY!!!!
  3. I''ve been saying the self same thing, on this site and even Radio Norfolk! The guy now has confidence and is looking like the player I knew he could be, However I would go so far to say, I suspect there''s even more to come from him. As for singing his name, I think the "Super...." song is a tad un-original, and after he scored vs Forest I heard the Barclay singing the old Steeno song which I thought was quite good "La La lalala La La La La Svensson" (not sure if there''s the right amount of la''s but you get the idea!) ON THE BALL CITY!!!!
  4. I found myself singing some of our songs just a short time ago, and came up with a new version of a current song. "Follow follow follow, follow the boys in yellow, we''ll be playin Man U, while the Scum are at Crewe, cos it''s off to the Premier we gooooo" What do people think? Also, can you think of anymore adaptations? ON THE BALL CITY!!!!
  5. I do believe the one for Flem goes "one F in Fleming, there''s only one F in Fleming". The clever majority will get the double meaning behind this song! As for Drury, there was the one bout him scoring a goal, but then he did, and his name has never been sung since! I do believe there was an attempt to start up "You''ll never beat the Drury" which I feel would be quite an apt song, as not many players do get past Captain Fantastic. ON THE BALL CITY!!!!
  6. I replied to the current thread on Sven, but as there are now so many posts on that thread I thought l''d start a new one. Basically, even Sven would admit he''s not playing well at the moment, but the guy''s giving 110% for the club, so lay off him. I''m sure if you were at a new work place and trying hard at your job, even though things weren''t going 100% right all the time, you''d be given the support to succeed. So why can''t Sven have ALL of our support?(and not just mine, as it seems at the moment!) As we''ve seen with, the likes of, Llewellyn, Roberts(the younger version), Easton, Rivers, Henderson and many others. If we get behind them, they can do the business. However like all of these, bar the Welsh Eusebio, not everyone has, and the confidence has dropped and they''ve drifted away into the shadows and beyond (in Llewellyn''s case- Wrexham!) So (and I don''t do this very often but...) I''m making a plea to you all on this board, and any influence you have beyond it, to get behind Sven, because if we give him the encouragement, he''ll gain the confidence to impress even the most sceptical of supporter. If you have any doubt, just think about the Iwan of old, he did little to impress at the start of his glorious City career, but he came good. Sven will come good, I have the feeling. ON THE BALL CITY!!!!
  7. It was, infact an Arsenal fan. They interviewed them before today''s game. As my dad said while it was on; "let them find out about him next season, when we go there"!! The boy is quality, and deserves it. I suppose this Arsenal fan still thinks Seaman should be in the squad!!
  8. I was the guy who phoned in Canary call yesterday to say "my bit" on Sven and how I think he works hard for the team. For those of you who didnt have my pearls of wisdom, I think he is working very hard, and always puts himself about. As Neil Adams said to me, he would like to see him be a bit stronger so he could hold the ball up better, and I agree on this point. But getting on his back and chanting for Iwan won''t help the guy. As for his celeb'', couldn''t fault it. If you were getting stick from your own fans, why not give some back when you do what you''re paid for and score a goal! Many people had been criticising him, and were hypocritical to cheer him, when he scored, so he sushed them! (and then did a lovely little dance!) For those of you who have been getting on his back- LAY OFF, it''s a team effort and he''s giving us 110%, so get behind EVERYONE ON THE BALL CITY!!!!
  9. ....but I feel as the season reaches fever pitch, I feel it''s time in impart my words of wisdom on you all! First of all, I cannot believe what a wonderful season we have had so far, what with being top, beating the scummers twice, buying a quality player in Darren Huckerby, and also Craig Fleming scoring twice!! I''m sure every single person who regularly post on here would admit that where we are currently, is beyond any realistic hopes that you had at the start of the season. I think that firstly, major thanks and huge credit need to go to Worthy, Steve Foley and Doug Livermore, who have done, nothing short of a first class job with the lads, in getting them where they currently lie. Secondly, the board, who backed Worthy when it mattered most, in pushing on and signing Hucks, King Leon and Sven. Finally, but probably most importantly, the people who matter most, the players. They have all played their part in getting us to the top, even Rivo and Easton- who were, at one time, joint top scorers!! Now, after just reading that all back to myself, I could be forgiven for thinking that it is the 10th of May and the season is over. But I am firmly aware that we have 9 games left, each one vitally important. I just wanted to jog peoples memories of what we have been through in the last 8 months, and I hope when reading this, you feel proud of who you support(not that you don''t anyway!) and this acts an aide to anyone who is going to any of the last 9 games, because now more than ever, we need to give the boys our 1000% backing and sing ourselves hoarse ''til the death. We can get Palace out of our systems on Saturday if we get behind the lads and roar them to victory against Stoke. We''ve come so far as a club, and we are so close, so lets get a bit more togetherness and go all the way. ON THE BALL CITY!!!!
  10. First of all, we are one step closer follow a very determined defensive performance yesterday (and ovbiously 2 well crafted goals!) I agree with a lot of post I have just read, that it is a tremendously exciting time at the moment, and we are in for more excitment in the months to come. I firmly believe that we, as a collective, have a big part to play in what we can achieve. Our support has been sensational all season, and if we keep that going, it''ll help the lads to get where we all want to be. The next months worth of games will go along way to shaping it all up. Moving on to Player of the Season. Although a certain player is all the media outside East Anglia seem to focus on, Craig Fleming has been a rock all season at the back, and secured my vote yesteday with a brilliantly, and typical, solid performance. Also yesterday, I had to rub my eyes a few times after, as I could swear I saw Holty actually socre for us. Please somone tell me if I was seeing things, because he just doesn''t score does he?! Finally just a plea, from someone who is a firm BELIEVER, but is also not going to get carried away until everything is certain. But please EVERYONE get behind the boys 1000%, until the end, because- WE CAN DO THIS! ON THE BALL CITY!!!!
  11. Is it just me, or is he one of the most hated players in our league? The abuse he takes from opposing fans is unreal. I''ll put this mainly down to jealousy though, purely because he is ''the best'' player in our division and is in the team top of the league. Also on the subject of Hucks, the song we sing about him needs an adjustment-purely because the way it is sung doesnt sound totally right. This was brought to my attention yesterday by people sitting near me yesterday. So let''s try this: OH HUCKERBY, DARREN DARREN HUCKERBY, DARREN DARREN HUCERKBY, DARREN DARREN HUCKERBY OH HUCK....etc etc Try it yourself now, it sounds so much better!
  12. I think speak for alot of Football fans (not just Norwich) when I say, we hope your boys win the F.A Cup this year, as you guys truly deserve it. Newcastle always attract my attention when they play, cos they are very attacking and entertaining. I look for to a trip to St James'' Park sometime next season! And of course we''ll stuff the Mackems!
  13. I work at UCi in Norwich, and Mark came in on sunday, and I asked him when we''d see him back on the right hand side? His reply "When he stops being in a grump with me" I said "so that''s what it is then?" and he looked at me solemnly and nodded his head. I told him I''d have him in the team, and he said he''s trying hard to get back in. So there you have it folks.
  14. I, like the majority of true City followers, want to see Huckerby stay, and I believe we should do everything we can to keep him. The figure of £800k has been quoted in the press, and I believe this is well within our reach. If the board are serious about promotion, then surely they have to take the risk and pay out. (pessismistic) People can keep sayin "what if he gets injured,does a "Zema" etc etc. But if every club took that approach on every potential signing, players wouldn''t be bought/sold. I feel Worthy knows that Hucks should be bought, and I think he will do everything in his power to "twist the board''s arm". This includes threatening to quit. I think that if they don''t sign him, we run the risk of losing Worthy, because why stay at a club with an unambitious board? But I think over the next 2 months, Huckerby will prove to the board he is worth whatever we have to pay for him, and in the end, we''ll get what we want.....OH HUCKERBY, HUCKER, HUCKER, HUCKERBY!
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