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  1. [quote user="Gary Football"]Why the current obsession with the Asics kit? It was a bit sh;t, really (and I still have one). Is it something to do with the ''twenty year trend cycle''? (Google it, kids)[/quote] It wasn''t particuarly liked at the time, lost a semi final in it as well.
  2. There was a time when it became taken for granted that Norwich were a top flight club, even when they got relegated you expected them to bounce straight back (which they did three times). It would be great to get back to that sort of status again.
  3. I was there, the train from Lowestoft was late and we were locked out with hundreds of others. Eventually they opened a big side gate and let us in ( for free!). We were already a goal down to a penalty but we were in time to see Colin Suggets equaliser. The winner came from a corner I think, if I remember right we had another game to play, so I don''t know how the maths of the situation worked out.
  4. [quote user="Paul Cluckbert "]From my happiest days as a supporter.Relatively young too.[/quote] Mine too
  5. For Peter Crouch when he was here:- He''s tall, He''s lean, He''s a freaky goal machine Peter Crouch, Peter Crouch.....
  6. Aldridge is a good call, but Townsend and him would have missed USA 94 or maybe not if they had played for England!
  7. I see CMS has been called up for Scotland because he has a Scottish grandparent. I am not suggesting he will ever be good enough to play for England but what others have grabbed a flag of convenience and maybe regretted it later? I always thought AndyTownesend would have been capped by England if he hadn''t opted early for Ireland and Mark Lawrenson would surely have won plenty of England caps if he hadn''t done the same. Can anyone think of any more recent examples?
  8. He didn''t turn up! Posh had to fine him before he showed up. If I remember right his dad tried to scupper the deal after he had signed.
  9. He is hot property not only because of his scoring record but because these clubs have had him watched several times and know how he gives teams problems for 90 minutes. Pace is pace whether its in league1 or the Prem and he wont lose his ability to read the game either. As for his record in the championship he was playing with Mcclean who is a very similar player, they were making the same runs watering down their effectiveness. Also Posh threw the towel in midseason and loaned out Boyd who creates a lot of chances. If he just scores a couple of goals that help us get promoted it will money well spent. The point is the club and fans (Posh) see what he does week in week out for 90 mins out and that is why they think he is worth more than £3m.
  10. Radio cambs just announced Norwich bid rejected
  11. I have seen him play a lot, very quick never gives the opposition any peace his game has benefited since Mcclean went to Hull. He used fluff a few one on ones but seems to have eliminated that fault from his game now. I have heard the transfer will go through ''this week''.
  12. This thread makes you realise that we''ve had some great players. No mentions even for our first million pound players Fashanu and Reeves who were a handfull for anyone.
  13. Keelan Culverhouse Sullivan Newsome Watson M.O''Neil Townsend Peters Huckerby McDougall Sutton Subs. Alcock Paddon Barham Woods Phelan
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