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  1. i think riley lost control a bit,he wasnt sure who he had booked,mind you stoke were a bunch of cloggers
  2. not sure about here yankee but i know most clubs nominate a penalty taker for the day.i wouldnt say it was a particularly weak penalty,but i think it was at a good height for de goey to save.had daz put it low i dont think he would have got down to it.its so rare for us to get a penalty at home these days.
  3. im not on his back. i was delighted when we signed him,just thought his celebrations were uncalled for thats all
  4. id be up for it.let me know if you sort anything
  5. find that hard to believe after all that has happened recently with norwich and racist comments.im only sorry you and your daughter were exposed to that idiot behaviour bes
  6. i dont think mat won any new friends after he scored today by putting his finger over his lips to the lower barclay today.a lot of the people sitting around me were mighty p****d off as they had been encouraging him the whole game.he has already shown he is not afraid to voice his opinion if it doesnt go his way.any bets on him not being here at the start of next season,i wouldnt bet against it!!!!! p.s. greeno world class today with that stop.
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