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    Morning!! Would anyone happen to possess any information as to how much admission will be to the soccer match on Thursday?? My current search on the interweb has left one none the wiser!!

  2. nxs725

    Official Confirmation of the new Barclay front row.

    How dare people stand at football! Those people need to take a long hard look at themselves...disgraceful behaviour!
  3. nxs725

    NCFC Flag at Glastonbury

    Went to glastonbury!! Throughout the festival managed to see 6 different Norwich fans compared to just the 1 ipswich fan! Resounding win!!
  4. nxs725

    Last Game Of Season

    Everyone should wear red and white scarves for the last game of the season!
  5. nxs725


    Have got my tickets for orient! And booked on the half 11 train back! But can see the half 10 being rammed, that tickets wont get checked anyway, so if you did want to sneak onto that one cant see it being a problem!
  6. I usually just read through this forum but decided i had to sign up and respond to this rubbish!

    Being a student, i dont have a great deal of money i can splash around, and no longer have my season ticket as obviously moved away, so therefore can only make the odd game these days. So therefore why shouldnt i be allowed to pick the games i go to depending on who we are playing, or how we are playing. I have spent so much money on watching us play some s*** the last few years, and will carry on to do so. But sometimes people cant justify the expenditure going to every game, and are more likely to go to games when they are likely to be entertained and likely to come away feeling happy.

    This year has been the first year in a long time when i have been going to games feeling optimistic before a game, and therefore want to go to more than usual. When you get older you will realise its not nice going to watch some s*** gutless performances, and forking out a large amount of money to follow it across the country!