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  1. Dont worry too much Budgies with Robson we will finish bottom by a long way, I doubt if we will get another point with his selections and lack of "tictacs" you only have 2 places to avoid now so you need to just concentrate on beating teams in the bottom 6, I think 34 points may be enough to survive this season as the top half are far to good for the bottom half so the bottom few places will keep changing, good luck! When a new "manager" arrives after only 6 games the fans chant "you dony know what your doing" you can imagine how bad the line up and play was-and believe me Blues were kak so keep the faith maybe we can get Sir Gary Megson back and stay up with you
  2. well done budgies thank god you cant hit the onion bag-at least 4 open goals missed and 3 points were there for the taking if you had showed more adventure before the last 15 mins. we were diabolical and you should worry if you cant beat us when we played like that then who in the prem will you beat? I am pleased we "escaped" with a point which may prove crucial come May, you must get a new striker in January, then you will surely survive 3 seasons (autumn, winter and spring:laugh 
  3. Will Robinson need to be match fit then ? Please dont knock our leader the Magnificent Megson, he can do no wrong, never has and never will (apart from buying Bernt Haas and playing a wee bit defensive with 10 players behind the ball) but you can only make a suit out of the cloth you have-but this season we have added quality and with £6 million deal for wonder striker Dindane already done we will be in fine shape the rest of this glorious season, enjoy your commentary it will be better than being there
  4.                        Hoult Contra/Haas   Gaardsoe  Albrechtson  Robinson Greening  Johnson  Scimeca  Gera             Kanu   Horsfield   subs Koumas,Earnshaw, Dyer etc   Such a good side should ensure a home win say 2-0 or 3-1
  5. I think I can explain the situation better than a poem, Huckerby had agreed to come to the Albion for a higher wage than Norwich offerred BUT his agent wanted £400,000 bonus paid if we got promoted. That was the sticking point since the rest of the squad were on considerably less bonus, as I understand Delia stepped in and agreed that sum and fair play you were deserved champions and had more style and verve than us. However this season I really do think the roles are reversed, we have a bigger and better squad and are adding 3 more players in January, those deals are done now so that if we are still down the bottom the players cant back out, which is something you should do. We have 4 million still to spend which is a hell of a sum on top of the 10 million already spent.  I think your board are doing what we did last time, wait and see spend the minimum and then come back with a bang next season with 3 lots of TV cash to spend, ie 2004/5, 2005/6 parachute money, 2006/7 which adds up to a tidy sum and I think is the only way a team from the Coca Cola can bridge the gap to compete with the bottom 6 of the Premier. I think it should be 2 up and 2 down which would give promoted clubs a better chance of survival. From what I have seen of the canaries you play quality football but lack a cutting edge and I think that will be your downfall, I cant understand how you can criticise Huckerby since he is your only outlet-and a very effective one, what would happen if he got injured ?  Anyway if you dont want him now he has had his 400k from you we will take him off your hands if you like
  6. I hope we BEAT you next week even though you SAUCY fans will EGG on your team as you are in a bit of a STEW right now, you should have spent more BREAD in the CURRENT season(ING) as you lack BITE up front, so to bear FRUIT you need to be RAISIN of the bottom of the TABLE so WORTHINGTON needs to WHIP and STIR up your boys a TRIFLE quickly or you will get your just DESSERTS and end up in a real PICKLE with no hope of CURRYING favour in the Premier League, and that will take the BISQUIT, anyway it should be a CRACKER.
  7. Hello boys and girls, are you looking forward to our battle next week? I hope you bring the green/yellow army as Fulham only brought 740 and Bolton 900 yet they have a stand for 3000 fans just for them, so there was a huge space behind one goal. If you do come the view is good and you can see the Albion score at both ends quite clearly I hope your team forgets the football and tries to out muscle us with the tactics Fulham and Bolton both failed with. I am surprised at moans about Huckerby, but Megson said we didnt buy him because of his work ethic, or is that unfair? Anyway we have sold James Chambers who man marked him out of the game at your place so he could be your danger man (I cant think of any others:laugh   
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