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  1. [quote user="nutty nigel"]"Most of our happy clappy fans"? How do I receognise the others and tell them apart from the most?[/quote] They should be like me foaming at the mouth and spouting Delia out for 90 minutes Ideally like me they should be making no sense what so ever
  2. [quote user="hogesar"]What about if I clap unhappily? Am I showing passion then?[/quote] Do you Intend booing at the same time and singing we want Delia out?
  3. The wet spam fans choose the wrong way of protesting but at least they have passion for their club and it''s future. Most of our happy clapping fans are more than happy to accept the dross served up. Less clapping happily and more passion for the club please
  4. The constants with all of these Directors coming and going are the majority shareholders They have wasted money, made ill informed decisions and want to perpetuate this with their latest business model Thank the Lord we have nephew Tom with his local government and photography experience to save us
  5. [quote user="TIL 1010"]Alan Bowkett was twice the business person that anybody currently in the boardroom is or ever will be.[/quote] So let me get this straight u are honestly saying that Bowkett is twice the businessman that nephew Tom is. Are you clueless to the fact he ran a successful photography business
  6. THis sexist nonsense really annoys me Why not say happy gender neutral day?
  7. The answer is clearly no. Bottom half of the championship, below Ipswich, poor squad, owners who won''t invest in the business There is not a shred of evidence that we are moving forward
  8. Just back from the game That was truly truly awful. Something is very wrong at the club, it''s not just Farke but those above him in the hierarchy have had a dreadful season. I just can''t see they have the capability to fix this problem
  9. Few championship or premier league clubs have gone down this route largely as it is the business equivalent of wonga
  10. Having wasted the riches they received from the premier league money They are now looking to do the same with the honest hard working fans money Why did my they fund this themselves after all we are in the position because of their withering incompetence
  11. Key thing is not investing money you can''t afford to lose There is an article in the FT if you have access through their firewall which explains clearly why it is a high risk investment Good luck if you do invest
  12. As a cautious investor I am staying clear Generally if an investment opportunity seems to good to be true then generally it is. I put all my money in my company''s saye scheme which I have a secure and generous return. This is high risk investment as the email from the club states
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