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  1. Jonas comes across as a very willing player, but that doesn''t necessarily mean he''s any better than what we have now.  For the period we had him I didn''t think we MUST sign this man, more he''s OK, but only OK. 
  2. Even if this is true, non of us can change the past. Move on and look forward to next season    
  3. When I first saw Redmond play my initial thought was that we''d landed £20 million of potential. Now I''ll admit that my assessment was enthusiastic (to say the least), however I think his overall performance has improved and will improve further. Whilst I can understand why people are frustrated at his inconsistency  I can''t help but feel that if we sold him, he''d go on to have a couple of blinding seasons leaving us to wonder why we let him go.  
  4. Watched the first leg in the Slip Inn http://www.theslipinnyork.co.uk/ But they also had it on in Micklegate 127 http://whatpub.com/pubs/YOR/023/micklegate-at-127-york I''ll be in one of these pubs, not sure which one yet.
  5. Based in the city centre. Planning on going to the Slip Inn off Bishy Road.
  6. Anyone in York watching the game on Saturday, If so where?
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