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  1. Captain B, yes it''s our go to Friday night tea so I have followed scampigate with a keen interest. Didn''t there use to be a ''sticky'' thread that set out what the PUPs were all about, or have I misremembered that? I think I know more or less what it''s about as I saw an article a while back where a cheque was being presented to FONCY. Not sure of the mechanics of it all but it sounds like fun and I''d be happy to give it ago, although I''m not much of a tipster!
  2. You''re not the only sleeper on here. I read the forum every day and think it''s a great source of gossip and info for those of us who live outside of Norwich. I prefer not to post, but I''m grateful for all those that do, as I''d be much the poorer without you all. There, I think that''s doubled my post count - hopefully it might be less than 3 years till the next one.
  3. Good evening Sir H. You have finally broken my cover. Not sure about this one. I quite like Puncheon, he is unspectacular but seems quite effective, although I am not sure he is better than our current crop of players. Plus it would upset my Palace mate and could affect the transfer of the signed City shirt that he has acquired for me and is keeping safe until I next brave the wastelands of East Croydon.
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