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  1. stage fright big etc.... big crowd... high expections and then they poorly .... but u lot still turn up in ur 24.0000 plus if we had gates of 15-18000... would we play better?
  2. the team we have now is the best we had for a long time so u lot stop moaning another win and we will be 4th!!!!! 
  3.  he turn us down on aseason long loan gary megson gave the go a head 4 it. he was shocked for him to say" fight forhis place "as in the hews of the world yes2day
  4. 7 inch single signed by the norwich squad from 1971onwards ie graham paddon etc 14 0f them signed it (calpso band ) how much would that go for or who would like it david cross on the front sleeve... ebay?
  5. IF ANY PLANES  LANDED FROM NORWAY.. TODAY? sod eastenders tonight  SSN TO WATCH...
  6. steve .... velo canayherts in hertforshire its comeing  same old city .... GR... WE NEARLY GOT THE STRIKER THAT WE WANTED BUT THE CLUB WOULD NOT MOVE A MUSLE...
  7. 6 hours and 5mins is it loads of time to wait? for nothing! scrowcroft at conley... stern john at carrow road... shola in asda... somebody must know wat going on  oh yes thanks boro for the full back...  
  8. that good news ie cash wise!!! my be we will have 2millon to spend if shacks goes. my bet is scrowcroft wat do u lot think? velocanaryherts!!!! 
  9. in the stands today?mmmm scowcrotf, helguson, iverson, shola, gow name a few..... [:-*]
  10. in the stands today?mmmm scowcrotf, helguson, iverson, shola, gow name a few..... [:-*]
  11. reports in the mdlands claim that steve howard is in line for move to rival club afer his club agree a fee with another club in coke lcola league. my mates foxs fan and he heard it last night when went to match.
  12. four school kids asked by there teacher which team do u support? boy one liverpool sir! boy 2 liverpool sir boy 3 liverpool sir! boy 4 said norwich sir! NORWICH!!!  the teacher said why them .... dont want to be like restof them c###s...... 
  13. alan lee off to play ball with neil warnock six oooo thousend fee agreed with the scum __ clubcall
  14. i think the boss will leave us coz he fed up with not haveing any money and he will take lee clark with him and we all think we going to get somebody a striker before the window shuts on the 1st i ahave c this before we wait and wait and wait then nothing..... still think that jfh will get a contract at the last minute... either way nobody or just jimmy glen will not stick around if he cant get wat he wants.     stevie j
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