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Dean Coneys boots

Happy days...

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Wow- what a window! And what a squad we now have at this level. Indeed I would argue we could field two sides capable of challenging at the top!

1. ruddy

2. Olsen

3. hoovield

4. Turner

5. Martin

6. Tettey

7. Redmond

8. O-O!

9. Grabban

10. Hooper

11. Bennett

1. Rudd

2. garrido

3. miquel

4. Bennett

5. Whittaker

6. Johnson

7. Murphy

8. Hoolahan

9. Jerome

10. Lafferty

11. murphy

And EVEN then a third team would be holding its own..

1. Bunn


3. Gaifati

4. grumpy Bassong

5. Cueller

6. O''Neil

7. mcGrandles

8. howson

9. loza


11. Louise Thomson

Unbelievable Jeff! Could be the best squad I remember! Certainly the most optimistic I have felt. Only concern is how you keep them all happy and having game time...

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