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Song for Lafferty and Fer?

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To the tune of in the jungle:

He''s are striker our super striker he''s Kyle Lafferty

Kyle lafferty kyle lafferty


and fer:


Don''t sell Leroy super Leroy I just don''t think you understand

that if you sell Leroy super Leroy

your gonna have a riot on your hands


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Back in Iwan Roberts'' days we just used to chant Iwan, Iwan, Iwan to him

Lafferty - Laffers, Laffers etc

Fer - Leroy, Leroy (Ferry, Ferry, would sound like Furry, and might not go down well)

I think there should also be some hand clapping between each word

Really we need a song for each player though as it might cause other players to think they''re not class

If any of these players score we could sing:

Wes - Wesley Hoolahan, Wesley Hoolahan, we must all hail Wesley Hoolahan

Grabban - Lewis grabs us goals, Lewis grabs us goals, fantastic forward, super striker, Lewis grabs us goals

Fer - Leroy''s levelled, Leroy''s levelled,

or change the the levelled to gives us the lead or greatened our lead

Lafferty - Same as above, just change the Leroy for Lafferty

Hooper - Gary the great, Gary the great or All hail Hooper

Tettey - Tet has found the net, Tet has found the net or Tettey''s tucked it away

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[8]Before you signed for usOh, our strikers were a messAnd you chase every lost causeAnd anything that''s in a dressNow the match is overGet down Chicago''s and Mercy...Why don''t you shag some groupies, Lafferty?[8]

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