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Those calling for Hughton''s head should just look at what the players did today.   Some good performances and no lack of effort - but I would put the fault plainly at the players.   Snodgrass is a liability.   Ok he won a penalty, but did little else of quality for the whole game.  Lots of huff and puff, but hardly any end product.   If just a couple of his crosses or the free kick he took ( I was willing Pilks to take it. ) had been of better quality we would have scored more easily.   Johnson too.  Good at some things, but again in promising positions - one ball kicked straight out of play acroos the field.  Yet another promising position.  Substitutions were good today, tactics seemed to be working.   Can''t fault the effort, performance or tactics, or substitutions. Players were not technically good enough today.   Simples

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And which clown kept those players on the pitch when they were underperforming LDC???The players need criticising if they''ve having a bad game or a bad run of form, but it''s the guy in charge who can change this and he''s done jack all in this respect, so instead of having a pop at Snoddy, Johnno (or whoever), how about directing your ire at the plank in charge who keeps getting it wrong and picking them instead of actually trying to change it?!?

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