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Murphy and the Bricks


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For starters I can''t begin to understand whats going on at Man City these people are so trigger happy, up until a couple of years ago City hadnt won anything & not too long ago were in League One, they have finished 2nd in the best league in the world, qualified for Champions League & reached FA Cup Final. Just reading sky sports, looking at whats going on & saw the attached.


How on earth can a manager be held accountable for what goes on when he has an:

assitant manager, reserve team coach, first team coach, fitness coach, defensive coach & goal keeping coach & no doubt countless others.

Surely this is a case of Too many cooks. I know its big business now, but what happened to good management, one man telling 11 men what to do.

I dare say Norwich have most, if not all of the above...but are they really all needed??

I was speaking to a friend of mine after the youth game on Monday & we were commenting on the Chelsea team. After the game the Chelsea Manager spoke to the team & each & everyone of those boys were almost mesmorized by what he was saying, they were paying such detail to what he had to say, normally you get them looking down at their feet, spitting, wispering to each other...not one bit, they had such respect for him it was so good to see, good management maybe....


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Its part and parcel of football these days now. I use to laugh when this sort of thing happening in Italy and Spain, thinking this will never happen in this country.

I would even go as far to say England is a lot less tollerent now and yields the axe. Now that Fergie has retired a part of me feels Utd will fall for this if Moyes is unsuccessful after 2-3 seasons. The days of Gradi, Fergie and eventually Wenger will become a thing of the past with foreign owners at the helm.

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Firstly with Man City; Mancini was set targets at the beginning of the season and he failed to acheive them - yes the targets might have been too ambitious but then Mancini should have argued that at the time. Man City have spent the best part of £1bn on transfer fees and wages, to be so far Man U this season wasn''t particulary impressive. Another factor was his poor attitude - many players have spoken out against him and it is easy to see there isn''t a unity in that squad like you see at other teams. The fact he also fell out with the technical director etc isn''t going to help his cause.


The ide of ''one man telling 11 men what to do'' died out a long, long time ago. When the prizes involved are worth millions of pounds and your players are worth tens of millons you don''t put your faith into one man to get it all right - no one manager has the skill set to be coach (of a hugely different set of skills), football manager and man manager. The idea of a manager who deals with everything is very British, around Europe and the rest of the world the duties are more evenly split - for example at Swansea Laudrup does very little coaching or work with the players apart from tactics and squad selection.


The use of many different technologies in the game now means that coaches who understand what all that data means, and how to use it are required - it''s impossible to imagine one individual being able to process all this information and use it effectively, while still dealing with scout reports on players and teams, being available to listen to player''s problems and concerns and the many other little day-to-day tasks that need completing. The timeless skill of leadership is still vital for a manager, but it''s not so important they are coaches as well any more.

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