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Bws Cat

Apologies, Mr Hughton.

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Some may recall that I created a thread titled "now were in a relegation fight..." mere seconds after the Wigan game. It was a hub for negativity and depression.

For that, I''m sorry.

Having used the amazing power of hindsight and reasonable thinking I have concluded that I was very rash and incorrect In my previous opinion.

For after all, the bottom of this league is very tight, even tighter than last year. 11th to 17th sit just a mere 6 points away from each other. It''s no surprise were stuck in that mire. Another point is that there seems to no fuss whatsoever to Newcastle, Stoke and Southampton who sit near or on the same points as us. Not to mention the general his shifts thrown by people like, sadly, myself increasing the panic.

Lets all take a deep breath and cheer on the lads for Saturday.

Group hug?

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