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simon jordan

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I used to think he was a complete tosser. However after hearing him last night on sky transfer deadline day and fantasy football (with big john ruddy) tonight, he talks a lot of sense.

A very passionate man who clearly has values talking about football clubs should be for the fans. He grew up as a palace fan and his drive when chairman was all about the fans and bringing quality youth players through.

He is very critical about qpr and the way Fernandez is running that club with their mad transfer dealings.

Very refreshing. After all the madness of the last few days although yes we didn''t get the big signing in Hooper, rvw ect we are still likely to stay up because we have a well run club and a team that will fight all the way.

I''m so glad we don''t have an odenwinge (however u spell his name sorry!) Could you imagine if pilks had rocked up at qpr how would we have all taken that?

We have a team and spirit amongst them that you can''t buy. Qpr are a bunch of individuals looking for a final pay packet. Jordan is very criticle of this saying it can only last so long. Knocking the signing of samba ect

We will be ok we have some decent home games to get over the line and we can build on our great squad in the summer. Otbc

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We always get a result against QPR, I can''t wait till we doom them to relegation tomorrow. The way that club (and Chelsea/City/Portsmouth etc) is run is everything that''s wrong with football and why so many people can''t afford to go to games anymore!

Hopefully when a few more like them go down and go bust it will hopefully put these sugardaddy''s off for good when they finally realize buying success only works at the very highest level where the players are so good it doesn''t matter if they are unmotivated mercenaries. Thank fu(k for the tv money or well run clubs like us an Swansea would be completely unable to compete in this league!

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Yes spot on there. Jordan hit on the fact some players really annoyed him when they were so out of touch with the fans and did not understand what the club was to them.

He said it used to wind him up , you would get some players that did not fancy it when playing on a Tuesday night in barnsley yet you would have kids that had saved up their pocket money to go to that game to see well paid players not bothered.

He said he was one of the first chairman to re fund all the away following their ticket money for a no show.

People like him should still be in football. The pompey, Leeds, qpr ect stories are a joke. I hope qpr go down for the good of football.

But then again will it change anything? Probably not.

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Jordan has very little right to criticize the way that QPR are run.... he blew £50m of his money on Crystal Palace and they went into administration. They then had to sell Victor Moses and were docked 10 points.

75% of the debt that they held was owed to Jordan. He put the money in, then managed the club irresponsibly, as a result he lost that money and is now skint. They were extremely lucky not to face relegation to League One after being docked 10 points, if they hadn''t have escaped by the skin of their teeth then they could have been a Portsmouth.

In November, despite admitting being skint, Jordan tried to take control of Portsmouth from the administrators.

Under his control they borrowed £4.3m from a hedgefund, couldn''t meet repayments, and then went into administration. Jordan now constantly bleats on about how his club didn''t need to go into administration. Perhaps he should ask anybody approaching retirement who has a pension fund which had a stake in that hedge fund whether or not they needed to go into administration...

Desperately chasing his losses he agreed a £7.5m loan from another hedgefund which didn''t materialise in time for them to avoid administration.

These high interest loans were taken out to prop the club up whilst Jordan sought to flog the club so that he could take a bit of his money back out.

In the end creditors got 1.9p in the pound. They had £27m in debt and had to repay £513000.

It''s easy to say "I used to think he was a complete tosser" when you are not a small local business owed £20000. It shouldn''t be easy though, because it meant that Palace paid 1.9% of their tax liability.

I pay a good 30% to 35% tax every year. Norwich City FC pay their taxes every year. A Simon Jordan led Palace got a huge tax debt wiped off.

He found enough money to fund a multi-million pound academy in the USA called Crystal Palace Baltimore though, exactly how many American players have Palace had since? They don''t appear to have any at the minute.

Everybody wonders about QPR, but as things stand they are owned by one of the richest families in the world, have not entered into administration, and as far as I am aware are meeting their HMRC obligations.

So Simon Jordan has zero right to comment on them and as far as I''m concerned is a 100% tosser. He also got Ian Walker''s wife pregnant whilst she was married to him, went out with that disgusting coke fiend Sophie Anderson, and has dated a variety of other thick as pigsshit page 3 girls and wannabe WAGS.

I''m boycott if he was ever involved at Carrow Road.

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I''d feel the same if it wasn''t that I have some friends who are Hoops fans from my time living down in West London.

I wouldn''t wish it on the fans but I would like to see more stringent rules brought in. The financial fair play rules would be a start.

I do fear for them though. It''s likely that they got some of the players they have through paying huge wages - we know Samba is on around £100k, to beat Newcastle to Remy its likely they have offered him more in wages too.

If they don''t stay up - which is a possibility although only four points adrift, those players will either jump ship or smash a bigger hole in the bottom of it with their wages.

Harry Rednap will fast become a manager known for destroying clubs if that happens. Portsmouth, Southampton . . . . . Lucky Spurs had a chief exec who knew where to draw the line.

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There is no way that Harry Redknapp could take the blame for QPR''s predicament should things go belly up for them, and no way that he should take the blame for the problems with any of the clubs that you mentioned.

Chairman gives money, manager spends money that he is given. That simple. If Norwich went bankrupt next year, would you blame Hughton or McNally and Bowkett?

Football Managers are not trained to create budgets and manage the accounts.

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