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Loan rules

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Pete - surely you can clear this one up?  What are the rules on loans for us?  I believe we can have two players on season-long loans, and some short-term loans as well.  Can anyone clarify?

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Not sure if this is the same for the Premier and Football League.


Here is a summary of the loan rules for the 2004/5 season. The major change is that (as far as I can find) there is no longer a limit of 2 loan players per match.

Loan of contract players is permitted from clubs in membership of the Premiership, Football League, Conference (all three divisions), and the three feeders to the Conference, subject also to the rules of those leagues of course.

Some limits apply:

2 - the maximum number of loans from one club at a given time

465 - the maximum number of ''loan days'' per season

8 - maximum loan players per season

28 - mimumum number of days for a loan

91 - maximum number of days for a loan (see also ''long term loans'' below).

Loans which are made ''permanent'' do not count against a club''s quota. If a player is on loan for the last day of the season, and the club qualifies for the play-offs, the loan shall be automatically extended, subject to the 91-day limit for short-term loans.

A loan transfer must be complete 24 hours before the scheduled kick-off if the loanee is to play.

If a loan period is extended, only the club for whom the player was originally registered can cancel the loan short of the agreed period. Players may not be recalled within the first 28 days, other than the special case of goalkeepers, where recall clauses are permitted.

To count as a single loan under the quota system, a loan must be continuous. If a player returns to his old club before being re-loaned, that counts twice against the quota.

long-term loans

Players under 23 on June 30th may be taken on loan for the rest of the season if the loan starts before 31st December. Long-term loanees do not count against the 8-player quota, and can only be recalled early if they are goalkeepers, or if they are being recalled for the purpose of a transfer to another club.

Note, these rules seem to the the same for the North and South divisions in addition to the National division.

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