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Project Norwich

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Hi all

I teach at a primary school in Norfolk. In June, I''m running at activity month with a focus of sport. Last year was really easy, using the World Cup as a basis for all sorts of subjects from history to maths and so on.

This year is not so easy and I''m looking for a focus... so I thought, as we''re in the news and the children would have an interest, I''d do a couple of weeks on Norwich City. My ideas kind of focus on social history as well as the football. I wondered if anyone could point me in the direction of any decent websites for old photos, particularly of Newmarket Road, The Nest and Carrow Road. I''ve had a good look, but run short very quickly. I was also wondering if anyone had old photos personally that they might like to email for use in class. Any ideas also appreciated!

I already have Canary Citizens and On the Ball, City - these are good starting points... but the visuals would be great.


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