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Today's match

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I havent time to put a full analysis right now so will put down my notes later on......

Suffice to say, the game was not lost upfront or in defence it is our shocking midfield....

to deep to be of any use to the defence and obviously because of this not supporting the attack... the ball was going straight from defence, hoofed up to Ashton.  Worringly the players seem to be bunching up and following the ball rather than spreading the play.  They also need to sort out the strikers runs, on too many occassions both could be seen coming to the same ball in the second half.

 will put more details later.

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It wasn''t just the midfield, KC, it was all over the park we weren''t good enough.

Midfield was non-existant, defence was a shambles and Ahston was up front on his own

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Player by player:

Green 7:  Not much he could of done about first and third goal, shouldnt of got beaten at his near post for second.  Commanded the area well.

Edworthy 7:  Actually thought this was one of the better performances from Eddy, I am usually quite critical of this guy so credit where its due.  Formed a reasonable defensive partnership with Jonsson.  Even stepped out quite a bit and looked fairly comfortable on the ball.  Only complaint was to many hoofed clearances but more on that later...

Fleming 6:  Did ok, cant remember any defensive plays or note and like wise of any mistakes.  Again hoofed alot...

Doc 7:  Our MoM, won majority of the ball in the air, shepperded either cole or angel well when marking on his own.  Maybe could be a bit more vocal, he seems to have the composure and confidence, needs to reassure his less composed colleagues a little more.  Personally would make him captain.

Drury 5:  Oh dear.  not all his own fault as who ever was playing left midfield (Huckerby/Brennan??! im presuming the later) was not helping him out at all, frequently left 2 on 1, giving the winger far to much space to cross the ball, doesnt really seem to have learned from his mistakes.  Unfortunately now he has had time out of the team, the best part of his game (tackling) is now lacking as hes not up to match speed.

Jonsson 6:  Defended well and the few forays forward were promising but needs to improve his final ball and needs to get forward more often.

Francis 6:  Where was he for the first 20 minutes?  Not as strong as normal on the ball, stepped it up a little in the second half with some good forward runs, but if this was based on purely first half performance he would of got a 5.

Mul - lazy ffing barsteward - ryne 4 : Right i''ve had enough of this guy.  He has the ability, I''ve seen it in him in many a match, but he is to inconsistant and VERY lazy.  Needed to improve on his liverpool performance and didnt.  Took to much time on the ball, always facing backwards, passing was poor or always directed back, never moved into space to receive the ball and sat to deep.  The second goal was his fault as he didnt track back, drury had to step up and commit him self, and mulryne left hendrie and if you watch the replay, watches him run off, receive the ball and shoot.  I really dont want to ever see him play again for us, he lacks the commitment and I was pleased he was subbed at half time.

Brennan 5: One reasonable shot but most of the time wandered hopelessly out of position, Drury needed alot of help and he offered none.  Looks good on the ball though.

Ashton 6:  Some reasonable touches, though thought he should of won more in the air than he did.  Looks strong on the ball and lively unfortunately never really got a decent chance.  Does need to work harder though and could take a leaf out of leons book.

Leon 7:  As ever, worked hard, put himself about, think ashton could learn a thing or two from him so will be a good partner, imo better as huckerby as I prefer him just behind the front to (but central, so doesnt get isolated on the left).

Huckerby 6:  No real decent runs of note but had one half decent shot in the first half.


Defence - Midfield were playing to deep and not helping them at all, having to resort to hoofing the ball majority of the time.  Left side looked very weak.

Midfield - Central and left mid had an absolute mare!  Bunching up, following the ball, sitting to deep, not pushing out etc etc the injuries are showing here..

Forward - Never really had a chance, no supply.  Only criticism, sometimes both forwards would make the same run, which made us look a bit stupid so a bit more communication and/or training

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