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Snakepit Lass

Forest message to attacked lad...

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Just got a message on from a Nottingham Forest fan on there forum. hi,

i don''t know if you post on the pink un forum, but i''ve just read the

thread on there about the incident the other day. if you do post on

there, could you tell the guy who got hurt''s dad (mtv or something

similar) that if he contacts alan.bexon@nottinghamforest.co.uk

(head of safety) he''ll look into it he''d check cctv footage and put a

piece in the program calling for witnesses. he also has the files of

previous offenders and know who sat where. i would tell him myself but

cannot be bothered registering onto a site where i''ll only post once!!!

cheers, f_f1809

or alternatively call forest on 0115 982 4444 and ask for alan bexon.

Hope this helps guys x

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The lads outfit should be our new kit for next season,it was bloody brilliant!! I hope he''s ok and i also hope the Club give him a little pick me up after the idot Forest fans attack,maybe a signed City shirt or something!!

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